Oklahoma QSO Party 2019  -  March 10 and 11

Mobile Routes 

K5CM .039 - Saturday: Muskogee/Mcintosh/Okmulgee, Okfuskee/Hughes/Seminole, Pottawatomie, McClain/Garvin/Pontotoc, Coal/Atoka/Johnston, Pittsburg. 

Sunday:  Sequoyah, Haskell/Latimer/Pittsburg, LeFlore,   McCurtain/Pushmataha/Choctaw.      73, Connie and Pam 


KE5XX .036 - Don, K5DB will be using his clubs call for this operation. PDF FILES/2019 KE5XX MOBILE ROUTE.pdf

Saturday: Cimarron / Texas, Beaver / Ellis / Harper, Custer / Dewey / Roger Mills, Major / Woods / Woodward, Alfalfa / Garfield / Grant, Kay / Noble

Sunday: Pawnee / Payne, Creek / Lincoln, Rogers / Tulsa / Wagoner, Cherokee / Mayes, Adair / Delaware 


KS5P/AF5Q .035 - Saturday: Choctaw/Pushmataha, Bryan/Johnson, Marshall/Carter/Love, Murray/Garvin, Stephens/Jefferson, Cotton/Comanche, Caddo/Grady

Sunday: Dewey/Ellis/Woodward, Roger Mills/Custer, Beckham/Kiowa/Washita, Greer/Harmon/Jackson, Tillman


AD0DX .038 - Saturday: Comanche, Caddo, Grady, Canadian, Blaine, Kingfisher, Garfield, Major, Alfalfa, Woods


W0BH  .037 - Saturday: Comanche, Caddo, Grady, McClain, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Logan, Lincoln, Creek, Tulsa, Wagoner, Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Ottaw, Nowata, Washington, Osage, Kay, I will go to Garfield/Noble/Grant, line if time permits.  http://cs.hesston.edu/w0bh/19okqp_w0bh.pdf?


K5WE .034 - My tentative route on Saturday: Wagoner, Mayes, Rogers, Nowata, Craig, Ottawa, Delaware, Adair, Cherokee, Wagoner... Figure out Sunday later...


KK6MC .035.5 - Saturday: 1500z Beck/Harmon, 1715 Greer/Jackson, 1945z Kiowa/Comanche, 2230 Caddo/Grady, 0030z Garvin/McClain, 

Sunday: 1400z Oklahoma/Logan, 1630z Kingfisher/Blaine, 1830z Dewey/Custer, 2015z Washita/Beckham

I will have APRS, depending on coverage, and will try to announce counties in the text portion of that. You can follow me, KK6MC-6 ON APRS.fi

I will be operating 40M and 20M, primarily CW, but will go to SSB if things get slow or I get asked.


*The numbers after the call are the suggested frequency... ex .036.5 would be 3536.5, or 7036.5 or 14036.5.  I'm leaving .040 open in case your frequency is in use by another group. Also There should be plenty of room between the suggested frequencies. The ID and WI QSO Parties are also happening this weekend, so there is the potential for some conflict. 

OKQP Spotting


Fixed Stations please stay .041 and above

W5CW - Dave will operate CW and SSB from Connie's (K5CM) station in Muskogee county.

W5TM - Ed will be operating CW from his home station in Okmulgee county

N5XTR - Joel will be operating SSB from his home station on the Cotton/Tillman county line.

K5ZZR - Russ will be operating SSB from his home station in Okmulgee county.

K5O (K8FU) Mark, will operate his home station in Leflore county

W5GFI - John will be operating CW and SSB from his home station in Craig County

N5DY - Jack will be CW only from Payne county.

K5UV - Mike will be operating his home station from Cleveland county.

N5OK - Coy will be on from his home station in Canadian county.

WD0GTY - Perry, N5PJ; Kyle, NQ5M; and me, WD0GTY will be going to a co-worker of mines hunting cabin in Kiowa County to operate portable during the Oklahoma QSO Party. We will be operating CW, SSB and maybe some PSK.


Please Email Connie Marshall K5CM (QSO party manager)   k5cm-2 at suddenlink.net   with your plans.