K5CM FMT October 27, 2013 (9:00 PM CDT)

TX Frequencies

K5CM - 3598022.187 Hz

W6OQI -  14121066.888 Hz


WA6RZW CO DM79 Thanks for the warm up exercise.
K4LED GA EM74sk W6OQI very weak signal in north Georgia.K5CM good signal strength.
W4JLE SC EM93hv Aaaaaarg! Forgot to turn every thing on until 5 min before the hour. Great signals from both stations here in South Carolina.
N8OB OH EN80ko TS-590 and Spectrum Lab.  It's been a long time since I have done this.  Still lots of fun.
W4JLE SC EM93hv Arg! Forgot to turn everything on until 5 before the hour. Great signals from both stations into SC.
N5LBZ MS EM53qv good signals from both stations here in Mississippi. TNX for the test.
N2GL OR cn85kp SLM with Spectrum Lab. Did not hear 20m signal.Thanks Connie!
W9ZB IN EM69xp 20M signal was in the noise at this QTH, so reading was ruff guess.  80M signal was S9 w/some QSB. TNX for the warm-up.  Needed the practice!
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nc Poor Sigs - 20 m qrm, 80 m s2 - s4.  Thank you Connie.  73,  Bill
K3KO NC FM06 K3/HP-8657B/HP-5335A/Spectrum Lab/HB data reduction. Got rusty at this. Thanks for the warmup.
W3PM AL EM64or This is my first FMT. Equipment is all homebrew using GPS disciplined AD9851 DDS and Spectran.
W6OQI LAX DM04vf K5CM signal S5 to S8 on 80 meters here in Southern California.
WB6BNQ SDG DM12 W6OQI was extremely weak into San Diego on 20 meters.  Almost non-existent, but then again, I was using a 40 meter dipole.  K5CM had a better signal but propagation was quite poor into my QTH using a random length wire.  Hopefully I came close or at least not too far away.
K6OQK LAX DM04ud It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to participate in a FMT because of conflicting schedules.  I'm going to try and be more of a regular once again.Marv's signal being only 8 miles away is alway very strong and pretty stable at my location.  Connie's signal was about a S-5 and had about a 0.5 Hz of Doppler spread.  I used my normal set up which is described on Connie's Website.Burt, K6OQK
N4AU AL EM62vp Good signals from both stations. Used TS570 with the K1JT FMT program with a bat file for the readings.
ku4py AL EM62wj God signals on both 20 and 80.  Used Joe Taylor's program  for measurement and calibration. Antenna is a Vertical.
K5RKS OK EM15 I was a little rusty because I only do the FMT a couple of times a year. I let my stuff warm up for about 24 hours. As usual I ran with homebrew software using "classical" Fast Fourier Transform algorithm. Freq standard here is HP3336B using external GPS disciplined 10Mhz clock. Both W6OQI and K5CM signals were S6 or better. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the ARRL November FMT.
KM6QX EB CM87 80m QRN and QRM were horrible on dipole; could not see k5cm on Flex-1500.  But with Pixel loop, k5cm's S4 was 25dB above -125dBm noise floor and the only signal on panadapter.  Sunset was only 45 minutes before FMT, but very little Doppler shift on either signal.
VE3OAT ON FN25eg Propagation seemed stable and signals were good.  But I discovered there is a loose connection somewhere in my GPS antenna cable.  Oh, oh, Thunderbolt doesn't like that.  Thanks to Connie and Marv for the much-needed practice. 
WB0LXZ KS EM27pj I put CHU at 14.67 on speclab for several hours before the  FMT, and it had 3Hz swings. 20meters seemed to have settled down by 9:00. Used HP3586B, HP3335A, newer computer, upgraded Spec Lab, miniwhip, 80meter dipole. Fun. Thanks - bill
W3JW VA FM17tn Observed doppler shift on 2.5,5.0 and 15.0 MHz WWV sigs (just prior to the FMT) were "outta sight" !  much greater than normal---for the first time I can remember, the west coast 20 meter signal was stronger than the midwest 80 meter signal here in VA-- also sunspot activity has been high the last few days and 10 meters has been open to everywhere---
AF9A IN EM69wv W6OQI was never stronger than 10dB above the noise on QSB peaks.  My frequency reading is pretty much a guess.  K5CM was S9.  Thanks!
W2KKJ ENY FN32eq Using a TS-2000 + K1JT FMT software.  Had added noise from laptop power supply that will be on batteries next time.  K5CM a bit weak here but never dropped out of waterfall.
K9KK OK EM15 Excellent signals from both Connie and Marv.  Thanks




K5CM 80 Meters

Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 3598022.187 3598022.175 -0.012 3.34E-09
K9KK OK EM15 3598022.187 3598022.201 0.014 3.89E-09
W3PM AL EM64or 3598022.187 3598022.166 -0.021 5.84E-09
WA6RZW CO DM79 3598022.187 3598022.163 -0.024 6.67E-09
K5RKS OK EM15 3598022.187 3598022.156 -0.031 8.62E-09
W9ZB IN EM69xp 3598022.187 3598022.220 0.033 9.17E-09
KM6QX EB CM87 3598022.187 3598022.220 0.033 9.17E-09
AF9A IN EM69wv 3598022.187 3598022.220 0.033 9.17E-09
WB0LXZ KS EM27pj 3598022.187 3598022.085 -0.102 2.83E-08
N8OB OH EN80ko 3598022.187 3598022.297 0.110 3.06E-08
W2KKJ ENY FN32eq 3598022.187 3598022.071 -0.116 3.22E-08
WB6BNQ SDG DM12 3598022.187 3598022.050 -0.137 3.81E-08
K6OQK LAX DM04ud 3598022.187 3598022.049 -0.138 3.84E-08
K3KO NC FM06 3598022.187 3598022.034 -0.153 4.25E-08
W4JLE SC EM93hv 3598022.187 3598022.018 -0.169 4.70E-08
W6OQI LAX DM04vf 3598022.187 3598022.005 -0.182 5.06E-08
K4LED GA EM74sk 3598022.187 3598022.000 -0.187 5.20E-08
W3JW VA FM17tn 3598022.187 3598021.994 -0.193 5.36E-08
N4AU AL EM62vp 3598022.187 3598021.826 -0.361 1.00E-07
ku4py AL EM62wj 3598022.187 3598021.824 -0.363 1.01E-07
N2GL OR cn85kp 3598022.187 3598021.720 -0.467 1.30E-07
N5LBZ MS EM53qv 3598022.187 3598024.524 2.337 6.50E-07
KG6HSQ SDG DM13JJ 3598022.187 3598017.850 -4.337 1.21E-06
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nc 3598022.187 3599872.150




W6OQI 20 Meters

Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
*K6OQK LAX DM04ud 14121066.888 14121066.889 0.001 7.08E-11
WA6RZW CO DM79 14121066.888 14121066.867 -0.021 1.49E-09
K5RKS OK EM15 14121066.888 14121066.927 0.039 2.76E-09
AF9A IN EM69wv 14121066.888 14121067.000 0.112 7.93E-09
W2KKJ ENY FN32eq 14121066.888 14121066.774 -0.114 8.07E-09
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 14121066.888 14121066.727 -0.161 1.14E-08
K5CM OK EM25 14121066.888 14121067.054 0.166 1.18E-08
K3KO NC FM06 14121066.888 14121066.708 -0.180 1.27E-08
WB6BNQ SDG DM12 14121066.888 14121066.700 -0.188 1.33E-08
K9KK OK EM15 14121066.888 14121066.689 -0.199 1.41E-08
KM6QX EB CM87 14121066.888 14121067.127 0.239 1.69E-08
WB0LXZ KS EM27pj 14121066.888 14121066.643 -0.245 1.73E-08
W3PM AL EM64or 14121066.888 14121066.630 -0.258 1.83E-08
N5LBZ MS EM53qv 14121066.888 14121066.590 -0.298 2.11E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 14121066.888 14121067.200 0.312 2.21E-08
ku4py AL EM62wj 14121066.888 14121066.378 -0.510 3.61E-08
N4AU AL EM62vp 14121066.888 14121066.179 -0.709 5.02E-08
W3JW VA FM17tn 14121066.888 14121066.034 -0.854 6.05E-08
N8OB OH EN80ko 14121066.888 14121060.393 -6.495 4.60E-07
KG6HSQ SDG DM13JJ 14121066.888 14121053.122 -13.766 9.75E-07
K4LED GA EM74sk 14121066.888 14121665.000 598.112
W4JLE SC EM93hv 14121066.888 14122065.689 998.801

* May be in ground wave range of W6OQI




Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. The output is feed to a 10 db transistor amp which drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to a MLA-2500 running about 300 watts.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. 

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's or a Z3801 and a Thunderbolt, over a 10 to 10,000 second period. 



160 - Vertical

 80 - New Sloping dipole. Sloping down from 140'. (favors West, North, East)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4el SteppIR at 70'


Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is a 3 element tribander .






Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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