K5CM FMT - Oct 21, 2009 Results


Transmit frequencies in Hz



    Wednesday evening run

     80 Meters - 3578222.327  ( 9:15 pm CDT)

    40 Meters - 7078104.782  ( 9:00 pm CDT)

    20 Meters  - 14057169.707 ( 7:30 pm CDT)


    Thursday morning run

  160 Meters - 1845323.283 (6:45 am CDT)  11:45 UTC  

    80 Meters - 3579186.124 ( 7am CDT)

    40 Meters - 7079210.858 ( 7:15 am CDT)


W6OQI West coast run

    80 Meters - 3566999.685 (10:20 pm CDT)

    40 Meters - 7066998.847 (10:00 pm CDT)



The K index started out at a 3, and by the time the FMT was over on Thursday morning it was up to 4.  The comments verify, this made for poor FMT conditions. 


The distance award this FMT goes to JF1VRU, and 7L4IOU, both in Tokyo. Shintaro copied the 40 meter run, and Hisami copied the 160, 80, and 40 meter run. 



Thanks to all that participated.


Stations submitting readings on all possible bands (8):





A look at all readings 10 millihertz or better:


W3JW VA 3578222.327 3578222.327 0.000 0.00E+00
N7EP WA 3578222.327 3578222.323 -0.004 1.12E-09
N7EP WA 7078104.782 7078104.783 0.001 1.41E-10
W3JW VA 7078104.782 7078104.783 0.001 1.41E-10
K6APW/7 OR 7078104.782 7078104.772 -0.010 1.41E-09
K7TT WWA 7066998.847 7066998.851 0.004 5.66E-10
W9TJ IL 1845323.283 1845323.285 0.002 1.08E-09
WA1ABI RI 1845323.283 1845323.287 0.004 2.17E-09
W3JW VA 1845323.283 1845323.287 0.004 2.17E-09
KA1BQP RI 3579186.124 3579186.128 0.004 1.12E-09
WA1ABI RI 3579186.124 3579186.133 0.009 2.51E-09
W9TJ IL 7079210.858 7079210.859 0.001 1.41E-10


*note that W3JW had three 10 millihertz readings!

** WA1ABI, N7EP, and W9TJ had two 10 millihertz readings.




N8OB OH It wasn't my evening on the radio.  No 20M signal at all and I couldn't lock in on 80M.
W2FD WPA Thanks to both of you for your efforts.  Noisy band conditions on most bands and very weak 20 M. signal here.
W6OQI LAX K5CM was S8 while aiming east and S9+10 while aiming west on 20 meters, S2 on 40 and S5 on 80 meters.  There was the usual Doppler movement plus some extra on 40 meters.
JF1VRU DX I am using TS-830 + Home brew Digital VFO. Thank you.
WA2DVU SNJ 20M No sig, 160m wild guess!  Sig in noise.  WWV run 2 error was about +200 mHZ at 1145z and about +700 mHZ at 1230z. I did not this to measurements. 73, WA2DVU Cape May, NJ
W9ZB IN 7MHz and higher were just about dead here by 11:00 EDT. 160 was open, but didn't copy anything here from the 5 call area.  The 3.5 and 7MHz morning runs were more readable, but with heavy QSB and phase shifts.  A challenge, but thanks for the fun, Connie.
WA4FJC VA I used a Trimble 10 mhz reference to a HP 3586B.  I also have a Kenwood TS 850 on the same antenna.  The 20 meter signal was very weak and not heard at all on the kenwood.  The 40 and 80 M sigs were fai with QSB.  The 160 m signals were not heard here in VA.  The Wed am 160 m signal was heard but not copyable.  The 80 and 40 m sigs were 599+.  Tnx for the run.  Gordon
KMZ KS Thank you Connie and Marvin.  The first 20 meter signal was not heard.  The second was just below noise level so my reading is probably way off.  The 40 meter signal was at noise level.  The 80 meter signal was 20 over S-9.  West Coast 40 meter signal was just above noise level.  80 meter signal was S-7 to 20 over.  Next morning 160 meter signal was very strong, 40 over.  80 meters was also 40 over.  40 meters had doppler with a signal strength of S-5.
WA1ABI RI Very poor condx for evening run. Nil on 20, weak sigs on 80 and 40. Morning run better. Nothing by ear on 160m, but Spec Lab picked up a line. Fair sig on 80m, good copy on 40. Tnx Connie, tnx Marvin. 73
N3FG EPA No signal heard on 20M.  TNX agn for a fb event.
N5LUL WTX 20M was very light copy. K5CM 40 and 80M signals averaged S7+. No copy on W6OQI 40M, yet 80M was S3-6.   Brad
W4AVO VA No sig on 20 or from Calif. IC756p3 + SL2.7b20. Tnx Connie.
W9TJ IL My 20 mtr is a WAG.  No identification either east or west but west sig hit a few short bursts.  40 mtr S9+30 some doppler short quick fades with phase run.  80 mtr S9+30 short quick fades with phase run.  West coast sigs vy poor with 40 there abt 40% and 80 abt 20% copy.  Thursday sigs were all good with doppler and phase run on 80 and 40. Thank you again for the chance to participate.
K5CM OK Good signals on 80 meters, but Marvin's 40 meter signal just happened to be on some sort of digital noise source. Still came up with a reading. Thanks for the West Coast run Marvin.
W0PHD MN a lot of QSB on both the 40 and 80 meter Wed sigs was not able to hear/see W6OQI on 7067 the 40 meter run #2 was weak and QSB
K6APW/7 OR Strongest signals K5CM on 40M and W6OQI on 80M, weakest W6OQI on 40M, in and out of my noise. Slightly modified correction algorithm, maybe better, maybe worse, certainly different, with decimal point calculations way past reason!
AA8K MI First 40 meter run was -85 dBm.  First 80 meter run was -70 dBm.  20 meter band had no signals; went out to see if my antennas were still up.  Flex-Radio SDR-1000 and Spectrum Lab.  AA8K
K7TT WWA 80M had very high noise here ... and couldn't find the signal on 160M run 2 here. 20M was a strong signal here. 20M West was better but just slightly over your East signal. A lot of what I guess is atmospheric movement of the signals making it necessary to use averages.
KD2BD NNJ Connie's 80 meter signal was quite weak with frequent fades during the evening run.  The Kp index at the time was 3.  It had been hovering around 0 for several days before the FMT.  Talk about timing!  I stayed up for Marvin's transmission, but didn't copy it.  Consider my entry a ballpark measurement due to the weak signal conditions.
KA1BQP RI Very weak signals except the 40 am run. No copy at all on 160 or 20. I had to rely on spectrum lab for the two west coast runs as well as 80 am. Tnx Connie and Marvin.
N7EP WA One of the more difficult FMT's.  Lots of doppler and weak signals. I'll be pleased to be within 0.5 Hz on any of the frequencies.
W6IHG VA 20m gone by fmt time. very weak signal, then operator error lost all readings. So best guess data was from dial calibration. Only band I had time for. Oh, well, next time. Jerry
K6OQK LAX I missed the 20 Meter runs but was able to get in on ALL the others.  Wednesday night's 40 and 80-Meter runs, which were still in critical hours, had a lot of Doppler by the time they got to Glendale, CA. The early Thursday morning runs were better.  Getting up Thursday morning at 4:15 Pacific is not a problem for me.  Thanks to Connie and to Marv for another great round of FMT's.Burt, K6OQK
W3JW VA Good signals on all runs except 20 meters. AT first I saw no signal at all on the 20 meter run. Changed over to my inverted-L antenna and picked up the faintest trace I think I have ever seen on Spectran. By then you were into the continuous carrier part of the transmission and it went away at the right time (as you rotated the beam)--- there was no possibility of a CW identification at the level I was receiving.
AF9A IN Connie, pretty good signals on 80m (Wed. night).   Heard nothing on 20, only a couple CW characters from your call on 40.
K1GGI EMA Nothing heard on 20, the best sigs were only S5 or so. Nothing heard on 160 either, but took a chance and recorded a few minutes, and Spectrum Lab found something. Wonder what it was. Anyway, another fun fmt. Thanks Connie and Marvin.
7L4IOU DX Hi Connie Reports are took up from the Waterfall. There is no proof, it was not Audible except 40M. I will try again at next run. Than you very much! 73 Hisami sri 20M wev file was clashed.


 K5CM 80 meter readings (3578222.327)


W3JW VA 3578222.327 0.000 0.00E+00
N7EP WA 3578222.323 -0.004 1.12E-09
WA1ABI RI 3578222.316 -0.011 3.07E-09
W9TJ IL 3578222.34 0.013 3.63E-09
N3FG EPA 3578222.3 -0.027 7.55E-09
W0PHD MN 3578222.3 -0.027 7.55E-09
AF9A IN 3578222.357 0.030 8.38E-09
WA2DVU SNJ 3578222.264 -0.063 1.76E-08
W4AVO VA 3578222.26 -0.067 1.87E-08
WA4FJC VA 3578222.4 0.073 2.04E-08
K1GGI EMA 3578222.22 -0.107 2.99E-08
K5BTK MS 3578222.2 -0.127 3.55E-08
W9ZB IN 3578222.167 -0.160 4.47E-08
KA1BQP RI 3578222.5 0.173 4.83E-08
W2FD WPA 3578222.1 -0.227 6.34E-08
K6APW/7 OR 3578221.976 -0.351 9.81E-08
KMZ KS 3578222.75 0.423 1.18E-07
K6OQK LAX 3578221.79 -0.537 1.50E-07
W6OQI LAX 3578221.65 -0.677 1.89E-07
KD2BD NNJ 3578223.357 1.030 2.88E-07
AA8K MI 3578220.35 -1.977 5.53E-07
N5LUL WTX 3578215 -7.327 2.05E-06


 K5CM  40 meter readings ( 7078104.782)


N7EP WA 7078104.783 0.001 1.41E-10
W3JW VA 7078104.783 0.001 1.41E-10
K6APW/7 OR 7078104.772 -0.010 1.41E-09
K1GGI EMA 7078104.770 -0.012 1.70E-09
N3FG EPA 7078104.760 -0.022 3.11E-09
WA1ABI RI 7078104.806 0.024 3.39E-09
W0PHD MN 7078104.820 0.038 5.37E-09
W9TJ IL 7078104.740 -0.042 5.93E-09
W4AVO VA 7078104.730 -0.052 7.35E-09
WA2DVU SNJ 7078104.720 -0.062 8.76E-09
WA4FJC VA 7078104.900 0.118 1.67E-08
W6OQI LAX 7078104.570 -0.212 3.00E-08
K6OQK LAX 7078104.558 -0.224 3.16E-08
K7TT WWA 7078105.032 0.250 3.53E-08
W2FD WPA 7078104.300 -0.482 6.81E-08
AA8K MI 7078103.850 -0.932 1.32E-07
KMZ KS 7078103.000 -1.782 2.52E-07
KA1BQP RI 7078204.756 99.974 1.41E-05
N5LUL WTX 7077615.000 -489.782 6.92E-05
N8OB OH 7078711.386 606.604 8.57E-05



 K5CM  20 meter readings ( 14057169.707)


W6OQI LAX 14057169.490 -0.217 1.54E-08
W9TJ IL 14057169.930 0.223 1.59E-08
K7TT WWA 14057169.318 -0.389 2.77E-08
K6APW/7 OR 14057170.151 0.444 3.16E-08
W2FD WPA 14057168.900 -0.807 5.74E-08
W6IHG VA 14057174.000 4.293 3.05E-07
N5LUL WTX 14057165.000 -4.707 3.35E-07
KMZ KS 14057191.000 21.293 1.51E-06
W3JW VA 14058272.857 1103.150 7.85E-05
WA4FJC VA 14058401.000 1231.293 8.76E-05





 W6OQI 80 meter readings (3566999.685)


K6OQK LAX 3566999.673 -0.012 3.36E-09
W9ZB IN 3566999.665 -0.020 5.61E-09
W9TJ IL 3566999.710 0.025 7.01E-09
K5CM OK 3566999.619 -0.066 1.85E-08
N7EP WA 3566999.797 0.112 3.14E-08
KMZ KS 3566999.800 0.115 3.22E-08
K6APW/7 OR 3566999.865 0.180 5.05E-08
WA1ABI RI 3566999.420 -0.265 7.43E-08
K1GGI EMA 3566999.380 -0.305 8.55E-08
W3JW VA 3566999.299 -0.386 1.08E-07
W2FD WPA 3566999.200 -0.485 1.36E-07
N5LUL WTX 3566990.000 -9.685 2.72E-06
KA1BQP RI 3567103.567 103.882 2.91E-05




W6OQI  40 meter readings ( 7066998.847)


K7TT WWA 7066998.851 0.004 5.66E-10
K6APW/7 OR 7066998.859 0.012 1.70E-09
K6OQK LAX 7066998.835 -0.012 1.70E-09
K1GGI EMA 7066998.870 0.023 3.25E-09
WA1ABI RI 7066998.823 -0.024 3.40E-09
W9TJ IL 7066998.890 0.043 6.08E-09
K5CM OK 7066998.977 0.130 1.84E-08
K5BTK MS 7066999.000 0.153 2.16E-08
N7EP WA 7066999.020 0.173 2.45E-08
W3JW VA 7066999.102 0.255 3.61E-08
KMZ KS 7066999.600 0.753 1.07E-07
W2FD WPA 7066997.500 -1.347 1.91E-07
KA1BQP RI 7067102.530 103.683 1.47E-05







  K5CM 160 meter readings - Thursday morning (1845323.283)



W9TJ IL 1845323.285 0.002 1.08E-09
WA1ABI RI 1845323.287 0.004 2.17E-09
W3JW VA 1845323.287 0.004 2.17E-09
N7EP AZ 1845323.270 -0.013 7.04E-09
KMZ KS 1845323.300 0.017 9.21E-09
W4AVO VA 1845323.300 0.017 9.21E-09
K1GGI EMA 1845323.300 0.017 9.21E-09
7L4IOU DX 1845323.140 -0.143 7.75E-08
K5BTK MS 1845323.600 0.317 1.72E-07
K6OQK LAX 1845322.947 -0.336 1.82E-07
WA2DVU SNJ 1845384.250 60.967 3.30E-05





  K5CM 80 meter readings - Thursday morning (3579186.124)



KA1BQP RI 3579186.128 0.004 1.12E-09
WA1ABI RI 3579186.133 0.009 2.51E-09
W3JW VA 3579186.139 0.015 4.19E-09
W9TJ IL 3579186.425 0.301 8.41E-08
K7TT WWA 3579186.508 0.384 1.07E-07
K6OQK LAX 3579185.724 -0.400 1.12E-07
W4AVO VA 3579186.670 0.546 1.53E-07
WA4FJC VA 3579186.700 0.576 1.61E-07
K5BTK MS 3579186.700 0.576 1.61E-07
W9ZB IN 3579186.743 0.619 1.73E-07
N7EP WA 3579185.500 -0.624 1.74E-07
K1GGI EMA 3579187.000 0.876 2.45E-07
WA2DVU SNJ 3579184.550 -1.574 4.40E-07
KMZ KS 3579187.700 1.576 4.40E-07
7L4IOU DX 3579636.940 450.816 1.26E-04





 K5CM 40 meter readings Thursday morning(7079210.858)



W9TJ IL 7079210.859 0.001 1.41E-10
W0PHD MN 7079210.874 0.016 2.26E-09
WA1ABI RI 7079210.940 0.082 1.16E-08
7L4IOU DX 7079210.760 -0.098 1.38E-08
WA2DVU SNJ 7079211.006 0.148 2.09E-08
K5BTK MS 7079210.700 -0.158 2.23E-08
W4AVO VA 7079210.690 -0.168 2.37E-08
W3JW VA 7079211.109 0.251 3.55E-08
WA4FJC VA 7079211.120 0.262 3.70E-08
K7TT WWA 7079211.156 0.298 4.21E-08
KA1BQP RI 7079211.158 0.300 4.24E-08
W9ZB IN 7079211.197 0.339 4.79E-08
K1GGI EMA 7079211.220 0.362 5.11E-08
KMZ KS 7079211.500 0.642 9.07E-08
K6OQK LAX 7079210.034 -0.824 1.16E-07
N7EP WA 7079212.304 1.446 2.04E-07
JF1VRU DX 7079194.637 -16.221 2.29E-06




Hear a brief audio snippet of Connie's 40 meter signal (morning run) as copied by WA1ABI

audio/40mMorningk5cm by wa1abi.mp3





Spectrograph of K5CM'S Thursday morning 40 meter signal as copied by K6OQK in LAX.

15625 is 7079211 Hz.  Notice the interesting double peak. Note that Burt's method is frequency reversed. 






Spectrograph of K5CM's Thursday morning 80 meter signal as copied by K6OQK. 

15625 is 3579186. Again, notice the double peak. Frequency are reversed.





Spectrograph of W6OQI'S 40 meter signal as copied by K7TT. 




Spectrograph of K5CM'S 160 meter signal as copied by 7L4IOU in Tokyo. 





Hear  audio snippet of Marvin's 80 meter signal as copied by K5CM





Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. A 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Dentron 2500 running 300 watts out on 80, 40, and 20 meter AND 500 watt out on 160 meters.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS transmitting system, but to another GPS source.

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's over a 10 second period. 



160 - Sloping dipole form top of 170' tower. Favors East, West, and North.

80-  Dipole - A 3.5 foot cage made from four wires in a box shape, sloping down from South to North (favors East, West, and North)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4 element SteppIr 




Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area.








Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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