K5CM FMT - May 26, 2010 Results


TX Frequencies
80M 3578408.456 3567534.468
40M 7078510.727 7067400.452


Stations submitting readings on all possible bands(4) - ranked by average error:

K6OQK* LAX ???? 2.85E-09
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3.05E-09
W3JW VA FM17tn 4.66E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 6.02E-09
K6IQL KS EM28 7.60E-09
W9TJ IL EM48 1.16E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 1.31E-08
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 1.33E-08
K9KK OK EM15 1.33E-08
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 1.69E-08
N7EP WWA CN87uk 1.78E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 2.52E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 2.81E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 3.14E-08
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 3.43E-08
W4UK SC EM93an 4.23E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19cc 4.29E-08
W7KXB WWA CN87uk 5.40E-08
AA0CL MO EM48 6.81E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 9.37E-08
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 1.02E-07
N5DM STX el29fs 1.08E-07
K5BTK MS EM42 1.95E-07
W2FD WPA EN91 2.01E-07
KMZ KS EM28ix 2.37E-07
W0PHD MN EN18oe 1.61E-06
N2GL OR CN85ko 4.34E-06
N3FG EPA FM29 7.11E-06

*May be in ground wave/direct range of W6OQI

A look at all readings 10 millihertz or better:

Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
W3JW VA FM17tn 3578408.456 3578408.458 0.002 5.59E-10
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 3578408.456 3578408.460 0.004 1.12E-09
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 3578408.456 3578408.464 0.008 2.24E-09
K6OQK LAX ???? 3578408.456 3578408.447 -0.009 2.52E-09
N7EP WWA CN87uk 7078510.727 7078510.732 0.005 7.06E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3567534.468 3567534.468 0.000 0.00E+00
K9KK OK EM15 3567534.468 3567534.467 -0.001 2.80E-10
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 3567534.468 3567534.460 -0.008 2.24E-09
K6OQK* LAX ???? 3567534.468 3567534.460 -0.008 2.24E-09
N7EP WWA CN87uk 3567534.468 3567534.458 -0.010 2.80E-09
K6OQK* LAX ???? 7067400.452 7067400.451 -0.001 1.41E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7067400.452 7067400.447 -0.005 7.07E-10

*May be in ground wave/direct range of W6OQI

Summer time conditions are now with us. What a difference in QRN levels from last month.  None the less,  a lot of good readings. 

Several good readings from John, K5XL (a first timer).  John, is this beginners luck, or pure skill hi hi.....

Thanks to all who particpated.


N8OB OH EN80ko Bands were noisy but signals were good. Fun as usual.
W0HBK IA EN42 Thanks for another great FMT! Had to use a lot of DSP to overcome the QRN.  73, Neale
W0PHD MN EN18oe Heavy QRN and QSB with large frequency swings but at least I could hear the stations.
N2GL OR CN85ko Mixed HP3335A with unknown at rx input and measured 300 Hz beat compared to harmonic of 60 Hz line. Hope I picked the right sideband this time!
W6OQI LAX DM04 K5CM signals were good on 80 and 40 but with a good dose of Doppler shifting on both bands.   Marvin, W6OQI 
WA1ABI RI FN41jp Condx not the best with lots of QRN, but heard all runs OK. Thanks Connie and Marvin, 73 to all.
AB4RS VA FM18hw Trimble Thunderbolt drives HP-3336C. Injected known reference frequency, tuned using Yaesu FT-897d. Used Spectrum Lab to sample AF and determine difference between reference and test signal. K5CM strong on both 40 and 80m. W6OQI strong on 40 m, 80 m was weak, but Spectrum Lab pulled it out of the noise.
KMZ KS EM28ix Thanks Connie and Marvin for another FMTest.  I measured all frequencies with a Heath counter driven with an HP 10544A oscillator.  I tuned the transfer oscillator to the signal strictly by ear.  Both of Connie's 80 and 40 meter signals were about 40 over solid.  I used the Atlas 210X for the 40 meter sig and a Heath HW-8 for the 80 meter sig.  Marvin's 40 meter sig was about S-9 or more and the signal had about +/- 1 Hz doppler or so (by ear).  The 80 meter signal was about S-3 or so with a lot of QRN.  I used the Heath HW-8 for both 40 and 80.  The HW-8 seemed to be a little easier to hear and tune the matched tones than the Atlas.
K1GGI EMA FN41 QRN was fierce with hardly any letup, severe storms in western New England. W6OQI on 80 was pretty well buried as far as copy by ear goes, but SL peaks were usable. Tnx for another one guys.
N7EP WWA CN87uk Great FMT Connie.  Lots of Doppler just before sundown here in Seattle.  The weakest signal with a Doppler spread over 1 Hz was 80M from K5CM.  All other signals were strong with fair signal to noise ratios.  I wish I could say that my entries were educated guesses but with so much Dopppler they only qualify as guesses.  Earl, N7EP
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nc No QRM on 40 or 80 tonight.  80 had a bunch of QRN as a storm was a few hundred miles away. Doppler was not too bad for a change.
WA4FJC VA FM08lf Dipole antenna, Thunderbolt reference & HP 3586B.  Conditions quite noisy tonight in VA.  I could hear WC 80 meters but not unough to get a reading.  Very weak.  TNX, Gordon WA4FJC
AA8K MI EN82sx Peak signal levels received in dBm:  K5CM 40M -57, K5CM 80M -78, W6OQI 40M -72, W6OQI 80M -103, WWV (between K5CM 40M and 80M transmission) 2.5 -80, 5 -58, 10 -55, 15 -69, 20 -98.  Antenna: ground-mounted vertical 20 meters high.  I used only Open HPSDR, Thunderbolt GPSDO, and Spectrum Lab. I offset HPSDR about 500 Hz to make an tone with its BFO, used PowerSDR to make a wave file. Play the wave file back and run Spectrum Lab, note the offset from the HPSDR frequency.
W2FD WPA EN91 Noisy conditions on both bands. Signals fairly strong except for very weak signal from W6OQI on 80 meters. Thanks to both of you for running the FMT tests.
K5XL NTX EM12kp First attempt at K5CM FMT. Terrible Doppler, decent sigs. Equipment:FT-1000MP/TCXO4 calib to local GPSDO AMstations, computer soundcard calib to WWV 500 hz tone, SpectrumLab.  Kept room temp at 80 degrees during test.  Equipment was within about 10 ppBillion as best I could determine. :-)  Thanks for the FMT!
W1PW AZ DM33 Method: FT-817nd calibrated with Thunderbolt DGPS; tone into SL; SL data saved to txtfile. Spreadsheet averages the SL readings and makes calibration corrections.  LOTS of Doppler on K5CM 40M, Much less on 80M.  W6OQI was 459 on 40M and 599 on 80M.  Thanks Connie and Marv for yet another FMT!
N5DM STX el29fs TS-480S and DigiPan v2.0. Some Doppler on all signals. W6OQI 80m signals below QRN (S9) level in STX.
VE2IQ ON FN15nt Heavy QRN, Marvin's 80-M run quite weak. Method this time was to average 100 readings weighted by amplitude.  More fun trying new ideas with fresh data. Thanks for the sigs.
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq Siganls good, but 40M seemed quite unstable. Measurement granularity 10Hz before guess and by-golly interpolation and calibration correction. Fun, and thanks to Connie and Marvin.
W9TJ IL EM48 Signals from Connie were excellent 9+20 both bands with some short quick fades on 80.  West coast 40 was S9 QRN at S9 and QSB while had to dig on 80 with sigs S5 to S7 QRN peaks at S9+10.  Doppler was wild even on 5 mhz and 60 khz.  Entire session using SpecA and it had it's work cut out on WC 80. My thanks again to all who made the test possible. 
N3FG EPA FM29 W6OQI 80M sig. vy weak.  I took a stab at it anyway Hi.Used an IC-7200 w/dipole and Spectran.  Thanks again.  I always enjoy it.
WB3AKD VA FM19cc K5CM on 40M was strong with some doppler.  K5CM on 80 a bit weaker than 40 but less doppler.   W6OQI on 40 was clear and pretty easy copy but fair amount of doppler.  W6OQI on 80 was a real bear to copy as the signal was weak, and fading.  Still, I think I got a decent reading on 80.  My setup is about as good as it is going to get until I lay out a better antenna.  Many thanks it is always enjoyable.  
K5BTK MS EM42 The K5CM 40m signal was great! The others were pretty weak. The W6OQI 80m signal was barely visible on the waterfall - so weak that the standard deviation on multiple measurements was 30X as large as the other three. Incidentally, my measurements generally show significant uncertainty at the 0.1 hz level (usually giving a standard deviation of +/- .3 to .4 hz).  So when I enter FMT measurements to one milliherz, it's just making the best guess at the number of "beans in the jar". I shudder when I enter the digits beyond 0.1 hz.  Thanks!
AF9A IN EM69wv Big signals on both bands, S9++  Thanks!
W4UK SC EM93an Both stations weak here in SC.
K6OQK LAX ???? There were a lot of propagation anomalies on Connie's signals and even on Marv's signals over the 8 mile path between Marv and I.  Again,  thanks to Pam and Herta for the loan of their mates so that they could put these FMTs on for us.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  The FMTs are a fascinating aspect of Amateur Radio.  Burt, K6OQK
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 80-meter signals were not nearly as strong as during last month's FMT.  W6OQI reception was difficult due to weak signals and QRN from t-storms in New England. The Kp-index was 2 and decreasing, and fading was not severe.
W3JW VA FM17tn Signals were good this time around except for Marvin's 80 meter signal which was quite weak on the East Coast (suspect that's just the time of the year!). All signals exhibited major doppler spread which is about par for the course on 80 and 40 M. Tnx fer gud Memorial Day FMT!
K6IQL KS EM28 Just for fun, I investigated correlation of doppler between the FMT signals and 5 MHz WWV using two parallel setups. Recorded signals on two time synchronized computers for later analysis using spectrum lab. Data post processed using SL with data collected (WWV & test frequency) merged and time aligned to 1 second in a common excel file. Data sets were 85 measurements/source for each 3 minute run. Data lost for WWV on first K5CM run due to cockpit error. However the remaining three 3 sets were plotted vs time and showed no useful correlation in doppler between the FMT signals and the WWV signal. FMT signals were good so no amplitude filter used. Results submitted are a simple average in Excel of the 85 measurements made from each signal. Std deviations were 0.107, 0.100, 0.96, & 0.245 Hz for the 4 test signals. Values for WWV were half that. Equipment; sig gens locked to Rb Freq Standard offset about 400 Hz from unknown signal. Great fun once again and my thanks to K5CM and W6OQI for providing the opportunity to participate. 73, John,
k6bzz AZ DM33xb Good 40 meter sigs from both stations, weak on 80 both stations. Thanks for running the test. Always fun.
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk I hope I am learning to use Spectrum Lab. HP3586B, HP3335A, homebrew gps controlled Vectron OCXO, and 80M dipole. Thanks for having these tests.
K9KK OK EM15 W6OQI & K5CM, thank you for the runs.  It was great fun.  Waiting for the next one.  Signals were all great except the W6OQI 80M run.  But at 2 S-units above the noise it was good enough in central Oklahoma. Thanks again
AA0CL MO EM48 Just a K3 and vertical.  Good signals all the way to the end, this time, but QRM got intense on 80 from CA.  I haven't done this since last September so we'll see what happens.
W7KXB WWA CN87uk My 3rd attempt at this event.  Haven't quite got all the bug's worked out in my technique.  Also, several issues with hardware, I believe.  Practice makes perfect, they say. I'll need some more practice to make the 10 mhz club. KXB
K5CM OK EM25ir Good 40 meters signals from Marvin. Heavy QRN on Marvin's 80 m signal.



K5CM 80 Meter 


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
W3JW VA FM17tn 3578408.456 3578408.458 0.002 5.59E-10
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 3578408.456 3578408.460 0.004 1.12E-09
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 3578408.456 3578408.464 0.008 2.24E-09
K6OQK LAX ???? 3578408.456 3578408.447 -0.009 2.52E-09
W4UK SC EM93an 3578408.456 3578408.444 -0.012 3.35E-09
K6IQL KS EM28 3578408.456 3578408.442 -0.014 3.91E-09
K9KK OK EM15 3578408.456 3578408.439 -0.017 4.75E-09
N8OB OH EN80ko 3578408.456 3578408.434 -0.022 6.15E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 3578408.456 3578408.478 0.022 6.15E-09
AA0CL MO EM48 3578408.456 3578408.433 -0.023 6.43E-09
W9TJ IL EM48 3578408.456 3578408.428 -0.028 7.82E-09
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3578408.456 3578408.426 -0.030 8.38E-09
N7EP WWA CN87uk 3578408.456 3578408.491 0.035 9.78E-09
K5BTK MS EM42 3578408.456 3578408.491 0.035 9.78E-09
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nc 3578408.456 3578408.410 -0.046 1.29E-08
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 3578408.456 3578408.510 0.054 1.51E-08
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 3578408.456 3578408.400 -0.056 1.56E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 3578408.456 3578408.400 -0.056 1.56E-08
AF9A IN EM69wv 3578408.456 3578408.385 -0.071 1.98E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 3578408.456 3578408.381 -0.075 2.10E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 3578408.456 3578408.379 -0.077 2.15E-08
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 3578408.456 3578408.377 -0.079 2.21E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 3578408.456 3578408.362 -0.094 2.63E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 3578408.456 3578408.349 -0.107 2.99E-08
W7KXB WWA CN87uk 3578408.456 3578408.335 -0.121 3.38E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19cc 3578408.456 3578408.256 -0.200 5.59E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 3578408.456 3578408.180 -0.276 7.71E-08
N5DM STX el29fs 3578408.456 3578408.900 0.444 1.24E-07
W0HBK IA EN42 3578408.456 3578408.000 -0.456 1.27E-07
W2FD WPA EN91 3578408.456 3578408.000 -0.456 1.27E-07
W6OQI LAX DM04 3578408.456 3578408.927 0.471 1.32E-07
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 3578408.456 3578407.650 -0.806 2.25E-07
KMZ KS EM28ix 3578408.456 3578410.300 1.844 5.15E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 3578408.456 3578377.600 -30.856 8.62E-06




K5CM 40 Meter


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
N7EP WWA CN87uk 7078510.727 7078510.732 0.005 7.06E-10
W6OQI LAX DM04 7078510.727 7078510.738 0.011 1.55E-09
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7078510.727 7078510.749 0.022 3.11E-09
W7KXB WWA CN87uk 7078510.727 7078510.750 0.023 3.25E-09
K5BTK MS EM42 7078510.727 7078510.696 -0.031 4.38E-09
AB4RS VA FM18hw 7078510.727 7078510.691 -0.036 5.09E-09
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 7078510.727 7078510.687 -0.040 5.65E-09
K6OQK LAX ???? 7078510.727 7078510.773 0.046 6.50E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 7078510.727 7078510.789 0.062 8.76E-09
K6IQL KS EM28 7078510.727 7078510.789 0.062 8.76E-09
N8OB OH EN80ko 7078510.727 7078510.655 -0.072 1.02E-08
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 7078510.727 7078510.800 0.073 1.03E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 7078510.727 7078510.800 0.073 1.03E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 7078510.727 7078510.807 0.080 1.13E-08
W3JW VA FM17tn 7078510.727 7078510.635 -0.092 1.30E-08
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 7078510.727 7078510.827 0.100 1.41E-08
W4UK SC EM93an 7078510.727 7078510.604 -0.123 1.74E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 7078510.727 7078510.852 0.125 1.77E-08
K9KK OK EM15 7078510.727 7078510.877 0.150 2.12E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 7078510.727 7078510.575 -0.152 2.15E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 7078510.727 7078510.555 -0.172 2.43E-08
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nc 7078510.727 7078510.550 -0.177 2.50E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 7078510.727 7078511.000 0.273 3.86E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19cc 7078510.727 7078510.444 -0.283 4.00E-08
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 7078510.727 7078510.406 -0.321 4.53E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 7078510.727 7078510.320 -0.407 5.75E-08
W2FD WPA EN91 7078510.727 7078510.300 -0.427 6.03E-08
AF9A IN EM69wv 7078510.727 7078511.297 0.570 8.05E-08
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 7078510.727 7078511.300 0.573 8.09E-08
AA0CL MO EM48 7078510.727 7078509.984 -0.743 1.05E-07
N5DM STX el29fs 7078510.727 7078511.750 1.023 1.45E-07
KMZ KS EM28ix 7078510.727 7078511.800 1.073 1.52E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 7078510.727 7078540.700 29.973 4.23E-06




W6OQI WC80 Meter run  


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3567534.468 3567534.468 0.000 0.00E+00
K9KK OK EM15 3567534.468 3567534.467 -0.001 2.80E-10
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 3567534.468 3567534.460 -0.008 2.24E-09
K6OQK* LAX ???? 3567534.468 3567534.460 -0.008 2.24E-09
N7EP WWA CN87uk 3567534.468 3567534.458 -0.010 2.80E-09
W3JW VA FM17tn 3567534.468 3567534.479 0.011 3.08E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 3567534.468 3567534.480 0.012 3.36E-09
K5CM OK EM25ir 3567534.468 3567534.452 -0.016 4.48E-09
W9TJ IL EM48 3567534.468 3567534.487 0.019 5.33E-09
K6IQL KS EM28 3567534.468 3567534.498 0.030 8.41E-09
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 3567534.468 3567534.430 -0.038 1.07E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 3567534.468 3567534.400 -0.068 1.91E-08
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 3567534.468 3567534.552 0.084 2.35E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 3567534.468 3567534.360 -0.108 3.03E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19cc 3567534.468 3567534.336 -0.132 3.70E-08
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 3567534.468 3567534.325 -0.143 4.01E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 3567534.468 3567534.314 -0.154 4.32E-08
N5DM STX el29fs 3567534.468 3567534.700 0.232 6.50E-08
W7KXB WWA CN87uk 3567534.468 3567534.220 -0.248 6.95E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 3567534.468 3567534.195 -0.273 7.65E-08
AA0CL MO EM48 3567534.468 3567534.821 0.353 9.89E-08
W4UK SC EM93an 3567534.468 3567534.111 -0.357 1.00E-07
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 3567534.468 3567534.110 -0.358 1.00E-07
W0HBK IA EN42 3567534.468 3567534.000 -0.468 1.31E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 3567534.468 3567533.750 -0.718 2.01E-07
KMZ KS EM28ix 3567534.468 3567535.200 0.732 2.05E-07
W2FD WPA EN91 3567534.468 3567533.200 -1.268 3.55E-07
K5BTK MS EM42 3567534.468 3567531.820 -2.648 7.42E-07
W0PHD MN EN18oe 3567534.468 3567511.710 -22.758 6.38E-06
N3FG EPA FM29 3567534.468 3567433.630 -100.838 2.83E-05




W6OQI WC40 Meter run  


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
K6OQK* LAX ???? 7067400.452 7067400.451 -0.001 1.41E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7067400.452 7067400.447 -0.005 7.07E-10
W3JW VA FM17tn 7067400.452 7067400.466 0.014 1.98E-09
K5CM OK EM25ir 7067400.452 7067400.480 0.028 3.96E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 7067400.452 7067400.493 0.041 5.80E-09
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 7067400.452 7067400.400 -0.052 7.36E-09
AA8K MI EN82sx 7067400.452 7067400.400 -0.052 7.36E-09
K6IQL KS EM28 7067400.452 7067400.518 0.066 9.34E-09
WB0LXZ KS EM27pk 7067400.452 7067400.518 0.066 9.34E-09
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 7067400.452 7067400.553 0.101 1.43E-08
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 7067400.452 7067400.567 0.115 1.63E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 7067400.452 7067400.327 -0.125 1.77E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 7067400.452 7067400.298 -0.154 2.18E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 7067400.452 7067400.290 -0.162 2.29E-08
K5BTK MS EM42 7067400.452 7067400.289 -0.163 2.31E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 7067400.452 7067400.278 -0.174 2.46E-08
K9KK OK EM15 7067400.452 7067400.643 0.191 2.70E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 7067400.452 7067400.252 -0.200 2.83E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19cc 7067400.452 7067400.177 -0.275 3.89E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 7067400.452 7067400.150 -0.302 4.27E-08
W4UK SC EM93an 7067400.452 7067400.110 -0.342 4.84E-08
N7EP WWA CN87uk 7067400.452 7067400.043 -0.409 5.79E-08
AA0CL MO EM48 7067400.452 7067400.014 -0.438 6.20E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 7067400.452 7067401.000 0.548 7.75E-08
KMZ KS EM28ix 7067400.452 7067401.000 0.548 7.75E-08
N5DM STX el29fs 7067400.452 7067401.150 0.698 9.88E-08
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 7067400.452 7067399.740 -0.712 1.01E-07
W7KXB WWA CN87uk 7067400.452 7067399.680 -0.772 1.09E-07
W2FD WPA EN91 7067400.452 7067398.600 -1.852 2.62E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 7067400.452 7067370.134 -30.318 4.29E-06

*May be in ground wave/direct range of W6OQI

Audio snippets by WA1ABI


audio/may-2010 by abi/K5CM_40.wav

audio/may-2010 by abi/K5CM_80.wav

audio/may-2010 by abi/w6OQI_40.wav

audio/may-2010 by abi/W6OQI_80.wav



Spectrograph by K5XL







Spectrograph of K5CM 80M signal by N7EP

Earl says the reference frequency  is 3,577,410.872 (add to audio frequency on the graph)






Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. A 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Dentron 2500 running 300 watts out on 80, 40 meter.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS transmitting system, but to another GPS source.

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's or a Z3801 and a Thunderbolt, over a 10 to10,000 second period. 



80 - Sloping dipole dipole. (favors West, North, East)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)





Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area.








Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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