K5CM FMT - Mar 12, 2010 Results



K5CM 20 Meter Frequency  - 14058000.004 Hz

 Thanks to all that participated.


W4UK SC EM93an For the March 12 14058 FMT. Very weak sigs here in SC. So weak couldn't copy some of the CW. Spectrum lab gave me an average, however, so I computed it.You got MUCH stronger just before you finally signed off - move the beam my way then? Jerry W4UK
K1GGI EMA FN41wr Almost missed it completely, woke up just in time to copy "end sw" and the signoff. So no pesky wobbling SL peaks to puzzle over. The form only accepts mHz, but I was confidently going to call the fraction .109574! Sig QRK 5.
ve2iq ON FN15nt Both measurements are freq with maximum amplitude averaged over the keydown period.  I'll look for some straight lines tomorrow. Sigs a little weaker than usual but still good CW copy. tnx.
ve2iq ON FN15nt
N7EP AZ DM43 Wow, If this was an ear test I failed.  I didn't hear a thing.  SL found a very dim signal for less than a minute when you were pointed NE and 2 even dimmer and shorter signals near the end of the test.  If the signal had been anywhere other than 14058, I would never have found it.  The FMT is always fun, a challenge and a SWAG.  Thanks Connie.
k6bzz AZ DM33xb Extremely weak signal with antenna to NE and disappeared with antenna to SW. Mysterious propagation. Maybe backscatter. Thanks for the test Connie.
WBLXZ KS EM27pk Can I hear you now? No, but I think I could see you in 120Sec-dot mode. Really weak on my 80M dipole. I am glad you said you would be really close to 14058000. -bill
W3JW VA FM17tn The band had pretty much gone out by 10:15 PM. I detected the weakest of imaginable signals with Spectran during acquisition. Could not even begin to decipher any CW. Proceeded to take data with SL. Got usable (and recognizable) data during the first run. Signal dropped below my detection threshold here as you rotated the beam for run 2. Did receive a small amount of data (during QSB peaks) during the second run. This would definitely not be a good time or freq to use on a regular basis!  The fact that I "looked" for the test signal over a smaller than usual "acquisition window" probably helped in being able to find the trace.
K9KK OK EM15 Well, the band was open, barely, even at 10 pm when I last looked. So much for our GW test. All measurements were taken with me aimed NE. Your signal was 4 S units stronger when I aimed NE on your NE run. When I aimed SW on your SW run you ddropped into the noise. CHU, 20M, was 20/9 at 6pm,  was s2 at 9pm, and s1 at 10 pm Oklahoma time.




Results listed as received

 Call               Section     Grid             TX Freq                Reported Freq         Error in Hz       Error

W4UK SC EM93an 14058000.004 14058000.118 0.114 8.11E-09
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 14058000.004 14058000.109 0.105 7.47E-09
ve2iq ON FN15nt 14058000.004 14058000.133 0.129 9.18E-09
ve2iq ON FN15nt 14058000.004 14057999.910 -0.094 6.69E-09
N7EP AZ DM43 14058000.004 14057999.794 -0.210 1.49E-08
k6bzz AZ DM33xb 14058000.004 14058000.406 0.402 2.86E-08
WBLXZ KS EM27pk 14058000.004 14058000.304 0.300 2.13E-08
W3JW VA FM17tn 14058000.004 14058000.266 0.262 1.86E-08
K9KK OK EM15 14058000.004 14058000.136 0.132 9.39E-09
K9KK OK EM15 14058000.004 14057999.995 -0.009 6.40E-10


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