K5CM FMT March 02 and 03 2014 (8:00 PM CST)

TX Frequencies for March 02

K5CM - 7052907.562 Hz    14121037.247 Hz


W0HBK IA EN42 FT-920 W/TCXO,direct measurement.  Sigs 579 here in Cedar Rapids, IA. Lots of doppler. Tnx agn Connie!
WA4FJC VA FM07 Busy bands tonight.  Strong signals here in VA.  TNX Connie.73 Gordon
W9ZB IN EM69xp No copy here on 14MHz.  Took awhile to find 7MHz Sig (1100 Hz lower than where I was looking).
W0HBK IA EN42 FT-920 W/TCXO. Direct measurement.  Sigs 579 hr in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Lots of doppler on both bands.  TNX agn Connie!
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq Signals S9 both bands -- set up not even close to ideal. Using the SSB K2 receiver in CW mode and a homebuilt granular DDS with only nominal crystal reference. Fun challenge. Thanks, Connie.
k4dsp NC fm05
N2GL OR cn85kp Great signals Connie, but I temporarily lost audio to my Spectrum Lab PC during the 14MHz test and had to interpolate with just the signal level meter. TNX
K7HIL AZ DM42ph Main RX to Carolina Windom and Sub RX to SteppIR (Yagi).  Signals tracked each other well. 20M was a sign wave with a period of about a minute, while 40M had a steady upward slope of about 6 mHz / minute. Doppler reigns! Thanks for the test Connie, always appreciated. Michael / K7HIL
K3KO NC FM06 Thanks for the impromptu FMT.  Tried two parallel paths using same antenna, different RX, different sound cards, computer and Spectrum Lab FFT parameters.  Objective is to later put an opposite polarity antenna on the second path.  Was surprised how well the two paths agreed. 
AB4RS VA FM18hw Just a very quick attempt, since I only read the email notice shorty before the test. After chasing the short to bed I fired up the HP 3586 and tried to remember how to use it. I was participating in a local VHF emergency comm. net at the same time. I hope I had it synced to the 10 MHz from the Trimble Thunderbolt. I sampled the audio directly from the 15625 Hz IF of the HP 3586, and processed it with SpectrumLab to calculate the offset from the dial frequency. With any luck I will have gotten the signs right, and be somewhere in the ballpark. On the other hand I could be way off in the weeds. It's good to be back in the saddle again.
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb Thanks Connie.
KM6QX EB CM87 I did not hear Connie's signal on either band, but Spectrum Lab did do a fine job of depicting his snow storm.  :(
K5XL NTX EM12kp 20 meter signal was very erratic with a frequency swing of 1 hertz.  Mr Doppler couldn't make up his mind!  40 meter signal was fairly steady with 50 millihertz swing.  I used a Flex-1500 with GPSDO and Spectrum Lab.  Took the average of the samples.   Thanks Connie!
K8CT MI EN83ce Resubmission,   Tnx Connie for the test
AF9A IN EM69wv The 20M signal had deep fades into the noise.  Pretty much a guess on this one.  40M was about 30 db above the noise on peaks with QSB.  Thanks, Connie.




K5CM 40 Meters

Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
K3KO NC FM06 7052907.562 7052907.570 0.008 1.13E-09
K7HIL AZ DM42ph 7052907.562 7052907.537 -0.025 3.54E-09
K8CT MI EN83ce 7052907.562 7052907.610 0.048 6.81E-09
AB4RS VA FM18hw 7052907.562 7052907.505 -0.057 8.08E-09
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 7052907.562 7052907.423 -0.139 1.97E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7052907.562 7052907.762 0.200 2.84E-08
N2GL OR cn85kp 7052907.562 7052907.311 -0.251 3.56E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41 7052907.562 7052907.190 -0.372 5.27E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 7052907.562 7052907.000 -0.562 7.97E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 7052907.562 7052907.000 -0.562 7.97E-08
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 7052907.562 7052907.000 -0.562 7.97E-08
AF9A IN EM69wv 7052907.562 7052906.957 -0.605 8.58E-08
k4dsp NC fm05 7052907.562 7052899.800 -7.762 1.10E-06
WA4FJC VA FM07 7052907.562 7053155.200 247.638 3.51E-05




K5CM 20 Meters

Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
K3KO NC FM06 14121037.247 14121037.280 0.033 2.34E-09
WA4FJC VA FM07 14121037.247 14121037.300 0.053 3.75E-09
K1GGI EMA FN41 14121037.247 14121037.180 -0.067 4.74E-09
AB4RS VA FM18hw 14121037.247 14121037.315 0.068 4.82E-09
K8CT MI EN83ce 14121037.247 14121037.132 -0.115 8.14E-09
K7HIL AZ DM42ph 14121037.247 14121037.074 -0.173 1.23E-08
AF9A IN EM69wv 14121037.247 14121037.000 -0.247 1.75E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 14121037.247 14121036.929 -0.318 2.25E-08
K6APW/7 OR CN93eq 14121037.247 14121036.500 -0.747 5.29E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 14121037.247 14121038.000 0.753 5.33E-08
k4dsp NC fm05 14121037.247 14121036.200 -1.047 7.41E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 14121037.247 14120999.090 -38.157 2.70E-06
N2GL OR cn85kp 14121037.247 14120728.500 -308.747 2.19E-05





TX Frequencies for March 03





Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX Avg Error
AC0ZG CO DN70km 7053122.913 0.022 3.12E-09 14121514.358 -0.105 7.44E-09 6.84E-09 It's good to get back in practice. I hadn't really looked at this stuff since the last FMT.
W9ZB IN EM69xp 7053122.876 -0.015 2.13E-09 14121515.000 0.537 3.80E-08 2.11E-08 14MHz in the noise here again, but took a shot at it.  7MHz strong, but right in with pileup working W1AW/7.
WB0LXZ KS EM27pj 7053122.738 -0.153 2.17E-08 14121514.536 0.073 5.17E-09 2.43E-08 Thanks. A good challenge for a cold winter's night. It seems like I can forget a lot in a few months time. I used 80m dipole, Tbolt, HP3586B, HP3335A, Spectrum Lab. -bill WB0LXZ
W7PUA OR CN84 7053122.800 -0.091 1.29E-08 14121514.100 -0.363 2.57E-08 2.58E-08 Good Fun. IC-706MKIIG with N6GN/Shera/GPS 10 MHz control.Spec Lab waterfall.  Signals at sundown are challenging, which is what we want.  The signal strengths were excellent, which is more than can be said for the spectrum! Thanks much for the run.  Bob
K8CT MI EN83ce 7053123.017 0.126 1.79E-08 14121513.524 -0.939 6.65E-08 5.11E-08 RESUBMISSION: Signals very strong here in Michigan.  Tnx Connie for the two nights of tests.  de is bob, k8ct
wa4fjc VA FM07 7053123.200 0.309 4.38E-08 14121514.700 0.237 1.68E-08 5.22E-08 Tnx Connie.  Only had 4 min warmup time.  73 Gordon
W9HLY IN EN70mt 7053122.933 0.042 5.95E-09 14121512.614 -1.849 1.31E-07 7.14E-08 Good signals with a bit of CW competition. Used FLEX-1500 and Spectrum Lab. Have a very very limited understanding as to what I am doing. Enjoyed it.  Vern
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7053122.345 -0.546 7.74E-08 14121514.410 -0.053 3.75E-09 7.93E-08 20 M signal had lots of fading, about 700 millihertz of frequency variation. 40 M signal was fairly steady, about 150 millihertz of frequency variation.  Used Flex-1500 with GPSDO and Spectrum Lab.  Thanks again Connie!
W7CQ OR CN83jx 14121513.981 -0.482 3.41E-08 First Time ever: ICOM 756, HP8656B locked to 10Mhz Homebrew GPS Locked Frequency Standard of Brooks Shera design. Used Spectrum Lab on s SignaLink USB sound card.  The sound card was calibrated with 1000hz that was generated by dividing the 10mhz Frequency Standard divided down to 1K.  Heard nothing on 40 but had a great signal on 20.  Jimmy W7CQ
K7HIL AZ DM42ph 7053122.860 -0.031 4.40E-09 At 0130 UTC we were at the Red Lobster finishing up dinner. A hurried drive got me home at 0207. Sorta got set up and was able to record data for 40m. Between horrid Doppler and a Top Shelf Margarita the results will be fun to see!
KM6QX EB CM87 Oh goodie, , , I found my problem!  Not your snowstrom, not propagation, not my equipment, it was just my stupidity. I was listening an hour too late! 8 CST - 2 hours is 6 PST, not 7 PST...  Only off by one digit.  :(













Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. The output is feed to a 10 db transistor amp which drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to a MLA-2500 running about 300 watts.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. 

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's or a Z3801 and a Thunderbolt, over a 10 to 10,000 second period. 



160 - Vertical

 80 - New Sloping dipole. Sloping down from 140'. (favors West, North, East)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4el SteppIR at 70'


Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is a 3 element tribander .






Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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