ARRL FMT Results November 2012 for stations coping all 8 transmissions with better than 1E-06 - Sorted by best average error in ppx

Raw data provided by Bruce, WA7BNM and ARRL.

*May be in ground wave range of some of the TX stations.

**The average error for K5CM was divided by 5 , instead of 8.  

**The average error for W6OQI was divided by 6, instead of 8.  In other words the reading of their own TX frequencies were not used to lower their ppx. 

The Green Line, is set at 3.00E-08, about .2 Hz on 40 meters.

Call QTH K5CM 160M error K5CM 80M error W8KSE 80M error W6OQI 80M error K5CM 40M error W8KSE 40M error W6OQI 40M error WA6ZTY 40M error Average error
K5CM** OK 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 1.68E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 7.09E-09 4.77E-09
K5RKS OK 4.88E-09 1.40E-08 2.80E-09 3.19E-08 1.42E-09 2.69E-09 1.28E-09 7.51E-09 8.31E-09
W4UK SC 1.63E-09 1.23E-08 1.96E-09 2.04E-08 1.06E-08 4.25E-10 7.09E-09 2.69E-08 1.02E-08
W3JW VA 1.63E-08 5.59E-09 8.39E-09 1.40E-08 2.27E-08 0.00E+00 2.27E-08 1.28E-08 1.28E-08
N4AU AL 1.84E-08 3.16E-08 1.54E-08 1.12E-08 1.42E-09 7.94E-09 1.64E-08 2.41E-09 1.31E-08
AB4RS VA 3.25E-09 2.01E-08 2.18E-08 1.40E-08 1.40E-08 7.37E-09 2.65E-08 2.75E-08 1.68E-08
N2ADR NJ 2.71E-08 5.59E-09 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 2.83E-09 1.70E-08 3.12E-08 3.12E-08 1.79E-08
W7PUA OR 5.42E-09 8.39E-09 2.80E-08 5.59E-09 2.98E-08 4.39E-08 1.42E-08 8.50E-09 1.80E-08
NF6Z NV 1.41E-08 5.03E-09 1.03E-08 1.87E-08 1.03E-08 1.59E-08 4.39E-08 3.73E-08 1.95E-08
W6IHG VA 2.93E-08 5.87E-09 6.99E-09 3.55E-08 1.87E-08 6.66E-09 3.13E-08 2.47E-08 1.99E-08
KM6QX* CA 2.66E-08 3.86E-08 2.99E-08 4.31E-08 3.12E-09 7.23E-09 1.86E-08 0.00E+00 2.09E-08
K6BZZ AZ 4.39E-08 2.46E-08 1.31E-08 3.72E-08 3.12E-09 3.30E-08 1.15E-08 1.98E-09 2.11E-08
K7HIL AZ 1.14E-08 3.64E-08 3.24E-08 1.99E-08 4.96E-09 2.69E-08 2.81E-08 1.50E-08 2.19E-08
N9YKE WI 0.00E+00 2.80E-09 3.92E-08 5.87E-08 1.42E-09 3.26E-08 3.12E-08 9.92E-09 2.20E-08
W8XN MI 3.79E-09 9.23E-09 8.39E-10 1.42E-07 1.42E-10 1.91E-08 8.50E-10 1.98E-09 2.23E-08
VE3OAT ON 5.42E-09 8.39E-09 3.92E-08 7.55E-08 1.98E-08 2.83E-08 2.83E-09 1.28E-08 2.40E-08
W6OQI** CA 2.17E-08 2.80E-08 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 1.98E-08 0.00E+00 5.95E-08 2.62E-08
WA6UAT CA 9.21E-08 1.68E-08 2.80E-08 3.92E-08 1.13E-08 5.67E-09 5.67E-09 3.97E-08 2.98E-08
W4JLE SC 3.25E-08 8.39E-09 5.59E-09 6.15E-08 9.07E-08 1.56E-08 2.98E-08 7.09E-09 3.14E-08
W9ZB IN 5.85E-08 1.01E-08 4.25E-08 6.15E-08 3.35E-08 2.83E-08 9.07E-09 3.19E-08 3.44E-08
NO5K TX 1.35E-08 1.43E-08 1.96E-08 2.32E-08 1.73E-07 1.49E-08 1.69E-08 9.21E-09 3.56E-08
N8OQ VA 7.10E-08 2.43E-08 2.15E-08 4.75E-09 5.74E-08 3.47E-08 5.32E-08 6.31E-08 4.12E-08
K6OQK CA 1.63E-08 2.80E-09 2.80E-09 2.96E-07 2.83E-09 1.70E-08 0.00E+00 2.83E-09 4.26E-08
W2FD PA 3.79E-08 7.55E-08 0.00E+00 1.45E-07 3.97E-08 7.09E-08 5.67E-09 2.55E-08 5.01E-08
W4ARYF NC 7.05E-08 5.23E-08 1.59E-08 1.02E-07 4.00E-08 1.97E-08 1.31E-07 5.81E-09 5.45E-08
K6APW/7 OR 1.46E-07 4.75E-08 1.40E-07 2.80E-09 4.25E-08 1.84E-08 9.92E-09 7.94E-08 6.08E-08
AB1IX CT 3.79E-08 2.01E-07 1.45E-07 2.01E-07 7.37E-08 1.42E-08 7.94E-08 1.19E-07 1.09E-07
N0PFE TX 7.05E-08 1.45E-07 1.26E-07 1.90E-07 1.16E-07 1.84E-07 1.98E-08 2.55E-08 1.10E-07
N5LBZ MS 1.89E-07 1.49E-07 1.36E-07 1.45E-07 7.27E-08 4.34E-08 7.23E-08 1.17E-07 1.16E-07
K1GGI MA 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 2.80E-08 9.09E-07 1.70E-08 0.00E+00 5.95E-08 4.82E-08 1.33E-07
KD5MMM TX 3.79E-08 1.76E-07 1.68E-07 1.34E-07 1.53E-07 1.56E-07 1.50E-07 1.39E-07 1.39E-07
W0HBK IA 4.17E-07 6.43E-08 8.39E-08 7.83E-08 1.87E-07 1.84E-07 5.10E-08 9.64E-08 1.45E-07
K6UM OR 6.88E-07 2.15E-07 8.39E-08 3.41E-07 1.16E-07 2.83E-08 1.98E-08 1.16E-07 2.01E-07
K8DJR MI 2.33E-07 6.24E-07 6.15E-07 4.98E-07 3.29E-07 5.24E-07 9.07E-08 8.25E-07 4.67E-07
KX0O MO 7.59E-08 6.01E-08 6.71E-09 4.08E-08 1.56E-08 4.30E-06 9.92E-10 1.70E-08 5.64E-07
N7EP AK 4.90E-06 5.59E-10 1.09E-08 9.51E-09 1.35E-08 1.90E-08 1.98E-09 1.81E-08 6.22E-07
VE2IQ ON 5.42E-06 2.43E-08 2.60E-08 8.39E-08 2.41E-08 1.13E-08 9.92E-09 7.09E-09 7.00E-07
W7KMV AZ 2.17E-08 1.82E-06 2.95E-06 2.52E-08 1.37E-06 5.81E-08 2.41E-07 1.42E-08 8.13E-07
KB1MH MA 2.59E-06 1.05E-06 1.76E-06 9.01E-07 3.29E-07 8.93E-07 7.99E-07 4.54E-08 1.05E-06