ARRL FMT Results April 2012 for stations coping all 8 transmissions with better than 1E-06 - Sorted by best average error in ppx

Raw data provided by Bruce, WA7BNM and ARRL.

Chart by John, WA1ABI

*May be in ground wave range of some of the TX stations.

**The average error for K5CM was divided by 4 , instead of 8.  In other words the reading of their own TX frequencies were not used in this ppx calculation. 

The Green Line, is set at 3.00E-08, about .2 Hz on 40 meters.

Call QTH 80_K5CM Error 80_W8KSE Error 80_W6OQI Error 40_K5CM Error 40_W8KSE Error 40_N5KW Error 40_WA6ZTY Error 20_K5CM Error Average Error
KM6QX* CA 5.59E-10 2.80E-10 1.12E-09 2.28E-08 1.28E-09 6.52E-09 4.25E-10 1.43E-08 5.91E-09
K5CM** OK 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 4.81E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 7.09E-09 0.00E+00 1.38E-08
N7EP WA 5.03E-09 1.06E-08 3.64E-09 9.92E-09 1.52E-08 5.24E-09 4.28E-08 2.85E-08 1.51E-08
KX0O MO 2.43E-08 0.00E+00 3.36E-08 3.69E-09 8.93E-09 2.27E-08 1.16E-08 1.65E-08 1.52E-08
K3JQ MD 1.40E-08 2.80E-09 6.21E-08 1.84E-08 4.25E-09 1.70E-08 3.69E-08 2.85E-09 1.98E-08
KA1BQP RI 6.43E-09 2.24E-09 4.56E-08 2.27E-09 1.42E-10 7.78E-08 2.64E-08 6.90E-09 2.10E-08
WA1ABI RI 1.57E-08 1.23E-08 6.66E-08 3.26E-09 4.96E-09 2.62E-08 3.17E-08 8.04E-09 2.11E-08
W3JW VA 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 8.45E-08 1.13E-08 3.26E-08 1.42E-08 4.25E-08 9.96E-09 2.44E-08
VE2IQ ON 5.59E-09 2.80E-09 6.77E-08 3.83E-08 4.25E-09 3.69E-08 4.54E-08 2.13E-09 2.54E-08
N9CYL WI 6.99E-08 3.36E-08 6.77E-08 1.42E-09 1.56E-08 8.50E-09 3.69E-08 2.21E-08 3.19E-08
W7KPZ OR 8.39E-09 1.54E-07 5.09E-08 2.55E-08 5.67E-09 0.00E+00 1.28E-08 9.96E-09 3.34E-08
K6IQL KS 2.39E-08 1.75E-08 1.03E-07 1.98E-08 2.45E-08 4.90E-09 5.85E-08 2.34E-08 3.45E-08
XQ6FOD DX 2.52E-08 1.09E-07 2.29E-08 1.98E-08 3.54E-08 4.96E-08 2.41E-08 2.85E-09 3.61E-08
K1GGI MA 3.36E-08 0.00E+00 8.45E-08 6.52E-08 0.00E+00 4.96E-08 5.81E-08 1.42E-09 3.65E-08
AB4RS VA 2.80E-10 2.52E-09 1.34E-07 3.30E-08 3.93E-08 4.28E-08 4.22E-08 4.98E-09 3.74E-08
K5RKS OK 2.21E-08 1.40E-08 8.36E-08 3.88E-08 1.29E-08 7.31E-08 4.71E-08 1.69E-08 3.86E-08
N3UC VA 3.36E-08 0.00E+00 1.21E-07 5.24E-08 5.67E-08 3.12E-08 3.40E-08 7.11E-10 4.12E-08
K3SIW IL 1.68E-08 2.80E-09 7.33E-08 2.55E-08 5.10E-08 2.13E-08 3.69E-08 1.04E-07 4.14E-08
K6APW/7 OR 6.43E-08 2.80E-09 4.42E-08 7.09E-08 2.41E-08 7.37E-08 4.68E-08 5.69E-09 4.16E-08
AA8K MI 5.59E-09 5.59E-08 1.21E-07 3.83E-08 0.00E+00 4.11E-08 7.09E-08 7.11E-10 4.17E-08
W0HBK IA 5.03E-08 5.59E-08 6.49E-08 2.41E-08 4.25E-08 1.42E-09 8.50E-08 1.78E-08 4.28E-08
W9ZB IN 2.46E-08 6.99E-08 1.24E-07 4.25E-10 5.67E-08 4.15E-08 3.30E-08 1.78E-08 4.60E-08
W3GXT MD 5.87E-08 2.80E-08 1.52E-07 1.28E-08 1.56E-08 3.69E-08 5.95E-08 6.40E-09 4.62E-08
WA8MCD IL 6.15E-08 2.80E-08 6.49E-08 1.98E-08 4.25E-08 3.69E-08 8.50E-08 3.91E-08 4.72E-08
N5VP TX 7.55E-08 4.20E-08 9.85E-08 4.54E-08 7.65E-08 7.09E-09 3.83E-08 4.98E-09 4.85E-08
W2FD PA 6.15E-08 2.80E-08 1.21E-07 9.92E-09 1.42E-08 4.11E-08 9.92E-08 2.49E-08 5.00E-08
N5EN TX 5.31E-08 7.83E-08 1.26E-07 4.61E-08 5.10E-08 9.92E-09 6.09E-08 6.40E-09 5.40E-08
W2KKJ NY 7.55E-08 2.80E-10 1.47E-07 6.01E-08 1.76E-08 6.73E-08 6.96E-08 4.41E-09 5.52E-08
K6HGF CA 9.62E-08 1.10E-07 4.61E-08 3.66E-08 6.99E-08 8.79E-09 6.68E-08 7.90E-09 5.53E-08
N4AU AL 5.12E-08 5.34E-08 1.76E-07 3.78E-08 4.97E-08 2.42E-08 4.35E-08 7.19E-09 5.55E-08
W5NZ AL 5.96E-08 2.88E-08 2.28E-07 4.27E-08 1.57E-08 4.99E-08 9.07E-09 1.10E-08 5.56E-08
WB6BNQ CA 1.87E-07 8.95E-08 2.74E-08 2.41E-08 1.42E-08 3.26E-08 6.52E-08 7.11E-09 5.59E-08
K7HIL AZ 6.21E-08 1.10E-07 6.60E-08 6.41E-08 7.24E-08 3.40E-08 3.94E-08 1.04E-08 5.74E-08
AA6LK CA 6.15E-08 1.03E-07 2.57E-08 4.25E-08 4.68E-08 5.53E-08 1.16E-07 1.71E-08 5.86E-08
W5EMC TX 6.71E-08 2.10E-07 1.38E-07 1.98E-08 4.25E-09 1.98E-08 9.92E-09 1.21E-08 6.01E-08
K0OD MO 3.36E-08 5.59E-08 1.49E-07 2.41E-08 2.83E-08 4.11E-08 1.13E-07 3.91E-08 6.05E-08
NO5K TX 1.48E-08 4.92E-08 1.33E-07 8.05E-08 1.09E-07 1.08E-08 5.49E-08 4.15E-08 6.17E-08
WA2DVU NJ 8.95E-08 8.39E-09 1.77E-07 5.24E-08 7.09E-09 5.53E-08 1.06E-07 7.11E-09 6.29E-08
W8XN MI 1.06E-07 1.68E-07 1.03E-07 1.84E-08 1.42E-08 1.56E-08 4.25E-08 4.62E-08 6.42E-08
N5LBZ MS 1.08E-07 6.32E-08 1.54E-07 1.45E-08 6.45E-08 4.34E-08 6.43E-08 1.38E-08 6.57E-08
W5PDB OK 1.20E-07 1.15E-07 1.62E-08 2.83E-08 4.82E-08 3.54E-08 6.24E-08 1.08E-07 6.67E-08
KB2YG NY 5.03E-08 5.59E-08 3.45E-07 2.41E-08 4.25E-08 1.42E-09 1.42E-08 1.78E-08 6.89E-08
WB5NHL SC 2.04E-07 3.92E-08 2.10E-07 3.83E-08 1.42E-09 0.00E+00 6.52E-08 1.78E-08 7.20E-08
KV6O CO 1.23E-07 4.76E-08 1.46E-07 2.55E-08 8.65E-08 2.83E-08 1.20E-07 3.56E-09 7.26E-08
W4JLE SC 1.54E-07 4.48E-08 2.40E-07 4.00E-08 4.96E-08 4.42E-08 4.96E-08 1.78E-09 7.80E-08
AF1E NC 1.09E-07 8.39E-08 1.94E-07 4.39E-08 7.94E-08 1.28E-08 6.24E-08 5.91E-08 8.05E-08
KC2QII SC 2.21E-07 1.99E-08 2.73E-07 1.13E-09 4.85E-08 4.01E-08 6.46E-08 6.76E-09 8.44E-08
N5DM TX 2.24E-08 6.99E-08 1.90E-08 9.64E-08 1.06E-07 1.36E-07 9.92E-08 1.57E-07 8.82E-08
W6OQI** CA 2.13E-07 6.15E-08 0.00E+00 1.23E-07 1.11E-07 4.11E-08 6.24E-08 7.83E-09 8.85E-08
WA6ZTY** CA 8.95E-08 1.12E-07 3.69E-08 1.52E-07 8.50E-08 1.26E-07 0.00E+00 2.49E-08 8.94E-08
W7KMV AZ 1.40E-07 1.79E-07 1.32E-07 5.24E-08 1.42E-07 2.98E-08 5.67E-09 6.76E-08 9.35E-08
WA6VPL CA 1.87E-07 1.50E-07 5.06E-08 1.01E-07 1.12E-07 7.61E-08 6.09E-08 2.26E-08 9.51E-08
W6SFH CA 1.45E-07 1.12E-07 1.21E-07 1.23E-07 7.09E-08 9.78E-08 1.56E-07 1.42E-08 1.05E-07
K0ANS CO 3.36E-08 1.68E-07 2.33E-07 1.60E-07 7.09E-08 9.78E-08 2.83E-08 7.47E-08 1.08E-07
WA6UAT CA 1.57E-07 1.51E-07 1.38E-07 6.80E-08 1.26E-07 9.07E-08 1.43E-07 1.21E-08 1.11E-07
KD5MMM TX 2.24E-08 2.80E-08 1.90E-08 1.94E-07 2.13E-07 1.83E-07 1.98E-07 1.03E-07 1.20E-07
K0MZ KS 1.90E-07 2.80E-07 6.49E-08 1.18E-07 9.92E-08 1.40E-07 5.67E-08 1.78E-08 1.21E-07
AB1AV NH 2.29E-07 2.24E-07 6.49E-08 2.41E-08 1.84E-07 1.42E-09 1.56E-07 8.89E-08 1.22E-07
VE3OAT ON 8.62E-07 1.93E-08 6.60E-08 4.00E-08 1.13E-09 8.36E-09 5.13E-08 7.33E-09 1.32E-07
KG0HY NE 2.43E-07 2.29E-07 3.59E-07 1.03E-07 9.92E-08 1.43E-07 2.13E-08 2.60E-07 1.82E-07
N6SD CA 2.85E-07 5.87E-07 1.49E-07 8.08E-08 2.41E-07 1.42E-09 1.42E-07 1.53E-07 2.05E-07
AG2M NY 3.30E-07 2.24E-07 4.94E-07 2.59E-07 1.84E-07 2.85E-07 2.98E-07 5.34E-08 2.66E-07
WZ4CW GA 1.02E-06 8.31E-07 1.50E-07 4.29E-07 1.28E-07 8.80E-07 6.52E-07 4.18E-07 5.64E-07
K4PO AL 1.30E-06 1.20E-06 1.67E-06 3.94E-07 2.03E-07 3.83E-07 5.40E-07 5.83E-08 7.18E-07
N9YKE WI 1.27E-06 1.32E-06 1.39E-06 7.60E-07 6.85E-07 6.32E-07 6.52E-07 2.90E-07 8.76E-07