ARRL FMT Results April 2011 for stations coping all 7 transmissions with better than 1E-06 - Sorted by best average error in ppx

*The average error for K5CM was divided by 5 , the error for WA6ZTY was divided by 6; instead of 7. In other words the reading of their own frequencies were not used in this calculation. 

Call QTH K5CM 80M error W8KSE 80M error W6OQI 80m error K5CM 40m error W8KSE 40m error W6OQI 40m error WA6ZTY 40m error Average error
K5CM* OK 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 2.52E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 4.39E-08 3.83E-08 2.15E-08
K9KK OK 1.68E-09 2.18E-08 7.27E-09 8.34E-08 3.69E-09 2.17E-08 2.52E-08 2.35E-08
AA7OO AZ 4.42E-09 9.17E-09 2.41E-09 3.10E-08 7.72E-08 2.47E-08 1.92E-08 2.40E-08
WA1ABI RI 4.47E-09 2.52E-09 5.59E-10 4.51E-08 2.44E-08 7.44E-08 4.38E-08 2.79E-08
W9TJ IL 4.47E-09 6.99E-09 1.45E-08 3.27E-08 4.65E-08 5.77E-08 3.71E-08 2.86E-08
W0CNN CO 2.24E-09 2.13E-08 2.13E-08 3.15E-08 3.29E-08 7.60E-08 3.93E-08 3.20E-08
N5DM TX 7.83E-08 1.40E-08 3.08E-08 1.84E-08 3.54E-08 2.41E-08 4.54E-08 3.52E-08
K6BZZ AZ 1.65E-08 5.59E-10 2.80E-10 4.81E-08 4.03E-08 1.31E-07 1.56E-08 3.60E-08
NO5K TX 5.03E-08 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 1.42E-08 1.13E-08 7.23E-08 7.94E-08 3.65E-08
K5XL TX 2.66E-08 1.57E-08 1.90E-08 3.84E-08 2.78E-08 6.63E-08 7.97E-08 3.91E-08
W9ZB IN 4.33E-08 6.71E-09 1.40E-08 1.70E-09 1.13E-07 7.06E-08 3.22E-08 4.03E-08
VE3OAT ON 4.45E-08 1.76E-08 3.64E-09 8.42E-08 1.70E-09 7.95E-08 6.39E-08 4.22E-08
AB4RS VA 1.73E-08 3.83E-08 3.27E-08 2.75E-08 6.14E-08 6.65E-08 7.44E-08 4.55E-08
WO7V OR 1.12E-08 1.40E-08 3.64E-08 8.36E-08 7.65E-08 8.79E-08 1.70E-08 4.67E-08
K1GGI MA 6.99E-09 1.09E-08 2.60E-08 7.48E-08 3.02E-08 1.16E-07 6.65E-08 4.73E-08
N4AU AL 2.52E-08 1.29E-08 5.76E-08 3.37E-08 1.21E-07 3.10E-08 5.83E-08 4.86E-08
KU4PY AL 9.03E-08 1.96E-08 1.08E-07 4.58E-08 1.74E-08 3.60E-08 2.69E-08 4.91E-08
N7EP WA 5.76E-08 4.08E-08 8.39E-09 6.05E-08 8.60E-08 6.72E-08 5.06E-08 5.30E-08
W3JW VA 4.75E-09 4.00E-08 2.60E-08 3.61E-08 4.96E-08 1.40E-07 7.57E-08 5.32E-08
VE2IQ ON 5.03E-08 4.47E-08 1.96E-08 1.09E-07 2.55E-08 8.65E-08 5.10E-08 5.53E-08
N3FG PA 2.24E-08 2.80E-08 5.59E-09 7.09E-08 6.10E-08 1.47E-07 7.09E-08 5.80E-08
AA6LK CA 6.43E-08 2.52E-08 1.12E-08 7.94E-08 1.35E-07 2.98E-08 6.80E-08 5.89E-08
W4AVO VA 2.68E-08 4.81E-08 2.24E-08 3.64E-08 8.11E-08 1.10E-07 9.62E-08 6.01E-08
K0ANS CO 1.03E-07 0.00E+00 1.23E-07 1.09E-07 1.42E-08 9.92E-09 7.37E-08 6.19E-08
K3JQ MD 5.59E-09 4.47E-08 2.24E-08 3.83E-08 9.50E-08 1.46E-07 1.02E-07 6.49E-08
KM6QX CA 1.55E-07 3.08E-08 5.59E-09 8.93E-08 1.35E-07 5.67E-09 4.65E-08 6.69E-08
W2FD PA 3.64E-08 2.80E-08 3.92E-08 8.08E-08 9.92E-08 1.37E-07 8.79E-08 7.27E-08
WA6ZTY* CA 9.23E-08 1.40E-08 5.59E-09 9.21E-08 2.24E-07 3.54E-08 0.00E+00 7.72E-08
K6APW/7 OR 2.52E-08 5.31E-08 2.32E-07 8.39E-08 7.37E-08 2.69E-08 4.85E-08 7.76E-08
WB8TFV WV 1.20E-07 7.27E-08 1.68E-08 8.65E-08 1.13E-07 7.37E-08 9.50E-08 8.26E-08
W8TM OH 7.55E-08 1.68E-07 9.51E-08 3.83E-08 4.25E-08 8.08E-08 1.02E-07 8.60E-08
KK5J OK 1.03E-07 1.12E-07 1.51E-07 9.50E-08 0.00E+00 1.09E-07 4.54E-08 8.80E-08
AA8K MI 1.12E-08 7.83E-08 0.00E+00 7.23E-08 2.52E-07 1.12E-07 9.07E-08 8.81E-08
N6GN CA 1.57E-07 5.59E-08 5.59E-08 1.02E-07 1.25E-07 6.38E-08 7.51E-08 9.06E-08
WB6VRN CA 1.23E-07 1.31E-07 1.43E-07 7.80E-08 4.54E-08 1.20E-07 1.56E-07 1.14E-07
N0PFE TX 6.43E-08 3.08E-07 4.47E-08 3.22E-07 9.92E-08 8.08E-08 1.02E-07 1.46E-07
N8OB OH 1.81E-07 2.64E-07 2.95E-07 2.72E-08 1.76E-07 6.97E-08 1.32E-07 1.64E-07
N7AIG AZ 2.24E-09 1.68E-09 2.80E-09 9.36E-07 9.84E-08 8.97E-08 1.86E-08 1.64E-07
W3NF MD 2.04E-07 4.47E-07 1.85E-07 1.80E-07 4.25E-08 8.08E-08 2.44E-07 1.98E-07
AE5P TX 8.39E-08 1.40E-08 3.92E-08 6.18E-07 5.15E-07 4.59E-07 3.54E-07 2.98E-07
K7OVG ID 6.35E-07 3.92E-07 1.58E-06 1.80E-07 1.84E-07 9.31E-07 2.44E-07 5.93E-07
KD5MMM TX 1.32E-06 1.29E-06 1.30E-06 5.29E-07 5.24E-07 4.86E-07 6.07E-07 8.66E-07

Raw data provided by Bruce, WA7BNM and ARRL.

*The average error for K5CM was divided by 5 , the error for WA6ZTY was divided by 6; instead of 7. In other words the reading of their own frequencies were not used in this calculation. 

The Green Line, is set at 3.00E-08, about .2 Hz on 40 meters.

All TX frequencies were sent directly to Bruce, WA7BNM by each of the TX stations.