ARRL FMT Results April 2010 - Individual error in ppx and Average error in ppx

Call W8KSE 80 Error W8KSE 40 Error K5CM 80 Error K5CM 40 Error W6OQI 80 Error W6OQI 40 Error WA6ZTY 40 Error Average Error
K1GGI 4.48E-09 9.35E-09 1.12E-09 2.54E-09 9.53E-09 1.56E-08 1.08E-08 7.63E-09
K5CM 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 4.49E-08 0.00E+00 1.27E-08 8.22E-09
K6OQK 5.59E-09 4.25E-09 2.24E-08 1.70E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 9.86E-09 8.43E-09
W3JW 1.82E-08 8.93E-09 7.54E-09 4.24E-10 1.74E-08 5.66E-10 7.61E-09 8.66E-09
W9TJ 2.80E-09 9.92E-09 3.91E-09 3.25E-09 2.13E-08 3.96E-09 5.24E-08 1.39E-08
K6HGF 5.59E-10 6.66E-09 1.48E-08 2.78E-08 5.33E-09 3.61E-08 1.34E-08 1.50E-08
WB9FIP 2.21E-08 4.44E-08 1.68E-09 6.50E-09 2.30E-08 7.07E-09 1.41E-09 1.52E-08
VE2IQ 7.27E-09 1.70E-09 2.79E-08 4.52E-09 2.38E-08 1.00E-08 3.66E-08 1.60E-08
W6OQI 1.12E-08 4.68E-08 2.24E-08 2.54E-08 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 9.86E-09 1.65E-08
K6IQL 1.73E-08 2.76E-08 2.24E-09 2.83E-10 8.41E-09 3.51E-08 2.99E-08 1.73E-08
WA4FJC 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 2.51E-08 5.65E-09 1.40E-08 5.24E-08 2.82E-09 1.83E-08
K9KK 9.79E-09 4.31E-08 2.24E-08 3.08E-08 8.97E-09 2.83E-09 1.99E-08 1.97E-08
AB4RS 1.12E-08 2.11E-08 1.98E-08 8.62E-09 1.77E-08 3.47E-08 2.72E-08 2.00E-08
N3FG 2.24E-08 4.82E-08 8.38E-09 7.06E-09 1.68E-08 7.07E-09 3.38E-08 2.05E-08
W1PW 4.34E-08 3.60E-08 2.26E-08 3.16E-08 8.41E-09 8.49E-10 5.50E-09 2.12E-08
WA1ABI 7.27E-09 3.40E-09 2.01E-08 4.52E-09 1.06E-07 5.52E-09 6.20E-09 2.19E-08
W8MIF 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 5.31E-08 2.68E-08 4.20E-08 9.90E-09 4.23E-09 2.34E-08
KA1BQP 4.67E-08 3.40E-09 7.82E-09 2.68E-09 1.03E-07 1.27E-09 4.09E-09 2.42E-08
AA6LK 2.80E-08 0.00E+00 4.11E-08 3.81E-09 1.15E-08 6.08E-08 2.54E-08 2.44E-08
VE3OAT 3.44E-08 3.83E-09 1.20E-08 2.19E-08 3.14E-08 3.38E-08 4.28E-08 2.57E-08
K5XL 3.64E-08 9.92E-09 3.07E-08 1.84E-08 2.24E-08 3.82E-08 2.54E-08 2.59E-08
KB5YZG 0.00E+00 4.25E-08 2.51E-08 8.48E-09 1.40E-08 3.82E-08 6.76E-08 2.80E-08
NO5K 4.87E-08 7.09E-09 9.22E-08 2.16E-08 5.33E-09 1.13E-08 1.76E-08 2.91E-08
W4UK 1.96E-08 1.96E-08 5.87E-09 1.75E-08 4.20E-08 5.02E-08 5.55E-08 3.00E-08
K0ANS 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 5.31E-08 3.67E-08 1.40E-08 4.67E-08 6.76E-08 3.12E-08
W9ZB 1.03E-08 5.30E-08 1.98E-08 4.38E-09 4.77E-09 1.00E-07 3.80E-08 3.29E-08
K3JQ 2.07E-08 1.13E-08 4.67E-08 1.89E-08 3.39E-08 4.41E-08 6.12E-08 3.38E-08
WB3AKD 1.37E-08 3.35E-08 8.10E-09 8.89E-08 7.85E-09 2.83E-08 6.76E-08 3.54E-08
WA2SON 9.23E-09 6.09E-08 7.54E-09 1.98E-08 7.48E-08 4.74E-08 3.99E-08 3.71E-08
K1JT 7.83E-08 1.42E-09 5.59E-08 1.41E-08 7.29E-08 4.24E-09 3.80E-08 3.78E-08
N7EP 9.96E-08 1.50E-08 6.71E-08 8.76E-09 7.57E-09 8.29E-08 1.55E-08 4.23E-08
W6BM 1.26E-07 8.50E-08 1.12E-08 1.27E-08 1.96E-08 9.48E-08 0.00E+00 4.99E-08
W0HBK 2.80E-08 9.92E-08 5.87E-08 9.04E-08 9.81E-08 1.84E-08 7.33E-08 6.66E-08
WB0LXZ 1.33E-07 7.09E-08 6.99E-08 7.77E-08 4.20E-08 3.11E-08 4.51E-08 6.70E-08
VE3ZRK 2.80E-08 4.25E-08 5.87E-08 5.09E-08 1.82E-07 1.23E-07 2.82E-09 6.97E-08
W2FD 0.00E+00 7.09E-08 1.09E-07 8.48E-09 3.50E-07 9.90E-09 1.13E-08 8.00E-08
N9MVO 2.52E-07 4.25E-08 5.87E-08 9.04E-08 9.81E-08 1.84E-08 2.82E-09 8.04E-08
N5DM 1.54E-07 1.06E-07 1.09E-07 9.75E-08 1.40E-08 5.38E-08 8.74E-08 8.88E-08
KF4MH 2.80E-08 4.25E-08 5.87E-08 5.09E-08 1.82E-07 1.23E-07 1.38E-07 8.91E-08
W7KXB 7.55E-08 1.21E-07 1.86E-07 1.19E-07 1.77E-07 3.25E-08 5.07E-08 1.09E-07
W8TM 2.52E-07 4.25E-08 2.21E-07 5.09E-08 1.82E-07 1.23E-07 2.82E-09 1.25E-07
WA7MHB 2.52E-07 1.84E-07 5.87E-08 9.04E-08 9.81E-08 3.01E-07 7.33E-08 1.51E-07
VE7TK 1.56E-07 1.14E-07 8.24E-08 1.66E-07 2.41E-07 1.48E-07 1.61E-07 1.53E-07
AA8K 5.01E-07 1.46E-07 2.88E-07 6.50E-08 1.54E-07 4.24E-09 1.24E-07 1.83E-07
K7ET 3.08E-07 9.92E-08 5.00E-07 3.73E-07 9.81E-08 5.24E-08 6.76E-08 2.14E-07
W8BL 4.03E-08 9.13E-07 2.79E-09 3.96E-09 6.45E-09 3.54E-08 2.36E-06 4.81E-07
K6RFK 7.83E-08 3.58E-06 7.54E-08 5.37E-08 2.80E-08 3.01E-07 2.96E-08 5.92E-07
K6BZZ 8.37E-06 2.07E-08 4.72E-08 2.85E-08 8.41E-10 7.07E-10 1.97E-09 1.21E-06
K4BSD 3.92E-07 3.12E-06 9.47E-07 4.01E-06 5.75E-07 3.82E-08 1.52E-07 1.32E-06
VE4OV 3.94E-06 6.66E-07 1.00E-05 1.22E-06 3.46E-06 3.56E-06 1.41E-06 3.47E-06
N2GL 1.70E-05 8.07E-06 1.26E-05 3.86E-08 3.08E-08 2.17E-06 6.59E-08 5.72E-06
W7OZ 6.55E-05 1.48E-05 5.87E-08 5.09E-08 1.40E-08 5.24E-08 5.35E-08 1.15E-05
W5PDB 2.24E-07 1.84E-05 5.87E-08 1.64E-07 8.02E-05 5.76E-07 4.20E-07 1.43E-05
N0KQY 1.48E-07 1.93E-05 2.40E-06 7.80E-05 5.05E-08 5.38E-08 8.74E-08 1.43E-05
KK5J 1.54E-04 1.29E-04 1.46E-05 6.23E-07 2.93E-05 3.71E-07 7.05E-05 5.69E-05
N7KC 1.33E-07 5.50E-08 5.61E-04 8.36E-05 1.91E-08 7.02E-05 2.54E-08 1.02E-04
W7JDE 1.68E-04 8.50E-05 1.68E-04 8.48E-05 1.68E-04 8.49E-05 8.45E-05 1.20E-04
K6APW 8.39E-09 8.36E-08 1.40E-08 3.81E-08 9.39E-08 2.77E-06 2.54E-03 3.63E-04

chart by John, WA1ABI

data provided by Bruce, WA7BNM and ARRL.