K5CM FMT - Aug 05, 2009 Results


Transmit frequencies in Hz


    160 Meters - 1846070.479  (Midnight CDT)

    80-A Meters - 3578426.283  (9:57 pm CDT)

    80-B Meters - 3578427.327  (10:05 pm CDT)

    40 Meters - 7078537.558  (9:30 pm CDT)

    20 Meters  - 14058142.026  (9:00 pm CDT)



     80 Meters - 3567002.355 (10:50 pm CDT)

     40 Meters - 7067002.254 (10:30 pm CDT)


The distance award goes to Hisa, 7L4IOU (Tokyo). He not only copied the 20 meter run but turned in a sub 100 mHz reading!


Summer time propagations conditions continue. QRN was very bad at my QTH as a severe storm was nearby. 


Thanks for the comments on the two 80 meter antennas. I hope to have antenna "B" completely vertical by the next FMT. It will be interesting to see if the vertical gives better (Doppler) results than the mostly horizontal dipole.


Mr. Doppler really played havoc with Marvin's 40 meter signal. Aside from the two LAX stations who are within direct/ground wave range, WA1ABI was the only station to read within .1 Hz.  


   Thanks to all that participated.

Stations submitting readings on all possible bands (7):




Stations submitting 6 or more readings:






A look at all readings 10 millihertz or better:


WA1ABI RI 1846070.479 1846070.472 -0.007 3.79E-09
W3JW VA 3578427.327 3578427.334 0.007 1.96E-09
WA1ABI RI 3578427.327 3578427.335 0.008 2.24E-09
WB9FIP WI 7078537.558 7078537.564 0.006 8.48E-10
K6OQK* LAX 3567002.355 3567002.354 -0.001 2.80E-10
K6OQK* LAX 7067002.254 7067002.254 0.000 0.00E+00
K6HGF** LAX 7067002.254 7067002.257 0.003 4.25E-10

*Burt is in direct/ground wave range of Marvin (about 8 miles).

** Doug is about 15 miles from Marvin




7L4IOU JAPAN This is my first FMT entry. CW was readable at Noon time here in Tokyo under low SSN. Thank you for the chance !
K1GGI EMA K5CM peaked 20over on 20, decent signals all around. The 80m A ant may have been slightly better than B. Lots of spread on W6OQI. Couldnt stay awake for 160. Thanks for the fun.
K5CM OK Signal was good on 40 meters but the Doppler spread made it very difficult to find the real frequency. Lots of QRN from the very nearby storms. Thanks Marvin.
K6APW EB Noise buried 160M, be lucky my measurement within 5 Hz. The 80M signal was totally NIL. Thanks for fine efforts by both stations.
K6HGF LAX No copy from K5CM on 7:45PM(PDT) run.  Heard K5CM at approx. 8PM, but with another station calling CQ right on top, so unable to copy. 
K6OQK LAX I had intended to be home several hours before the start of the FMT's to setup.  As It turned out I didn't arrive home until about 10 minutes before the start and had to set up in a rush.  I had several cockpit problems and a problem with getting SL to run properly - also a cockpit problem.  As a result I missed Connie's first 3 runs (RATS!!!).  I got things straightened out just as his 80-Meter run finished.  Anyway, I was able to measure both of Marv's runs and Connie's 160-Meter run.  The 160-Meter run was right at the noise but once I found the signal I was able to home in and then use the 20 Hz filter, which of course helped a lot.  Thanks to Connie, Pam and Marv for an enjoyable, if not hectic round of FMT's.  Burt, K6OQK
K7TT WWA My technique this time was lousy. Only hand notes to go by. Messed up my Spectrum output file data. But... Good Signals. No copy on 80M/80M_b as you weren't there till later I discovered in your email too late. Always is intense but it is always fun. Thanks.
KA1BQP RI First FMT. Thanks to John WA1ABI for the help in getting set up. Freq Std IFR1500S, Rig ICOM IC756PRO, Ants 2 Ele SteppIR, dipole.
KD2BD NNJ Connie, thanks for dodging the lightning bolts to conduct this FMT!  Your 80-meter signals suffered from moderate QRN and QSB that certainly affected the accuracy of my measurements.  Signals during the first 80-meter transmission may have been slightly stronger into New Jersey.
KMZ KS Thank you Connie and Marvin.  All signals on 40 and 80 were good in KS.  The signals on 20 were very weak off the side of the beam up North.  I used an Atlas 210X for the receiver, TR-7 for local reference signal, and a Heath IM-4100 counter that drifts.  The counter is hard to keep in tune.  Next time I hope to have an HP10544A OCXC run my counter for better accuracy.
N3FG EPA Good copy on 20M both east and west.  Very heavy QRN on 40M.  Couldn't hear the 80M signal.  Lots of QRN. 
N5DM STX Kenwood TS-480 & DigiPan. K5CM 80m: Antenna "A"=S9+20db, Antenna "B"=S9+10db.
N5LUL WTX Still learning...  I'll get things dialed in one of these days.  Brad
N7EP WWA All FMT signals were noisy with lots of doppler shift except the K5CM 80 M which I didnt hear.  I copied WWV without the doppler and noise on all frequencies below 15 MHz which I can't explain.  The 40 M run from W6OQI was right at sunset here in Seattle and the signal moved up 1 Hz in the three minute key down period so the path must have been getting shorter.  Im anxious to find out the actual frequency. All my entries tonight were guesses and Ill feel good if I get within one Hz
N8OB OH Antenna "B" on 80M was much better here in OH. Could not hear anything on Antenna "A".  Good signals on 20 and 40.  Much fun as usual.
VE2IQ ON ARUN-80 was S9+10, BRUN-80 was S9+5 Lots of QRN, QSB. ARUN-20 was about 25 dB stronger than BRUN-20.  Midnite (OK) way past my bedtime! Tnx
W0PHD MN more QSB than usual and QRN also made it interesting. The first 80 meter signal was the stronger and less QSB then the higher frequency one. Hope I didn't mess up and add instead of subtract like the last test. My clock must have been off when I did not hear anything at the posted 9:45 pm cdt but nice signal at 10:00 pm. I just might have to start copying the cw for any messages...
W1PW AZ Didn't hear K5CM on 80M; learned too late that it had been delayed. Moderate Doppler on K5CM 40M signal. Lots of Doppler on both 40 and 80 WC signals. Thanks Connie and Marvin for running these tests. 73!
W2FD WPA Did not hear K5CM on 80 meters. Noisy conditions for both of W6OQI transmissions.  Thanks again K5CM and W6OQI for the tests.
W3JW VA Signal strengths and Doppler spread were about average here. the K5CM 80 meter A signal was S9 and the 80 M B signal was S7. Static peaks were well above those numbers so my conficence in those numbers is less than "high". I didn't see the email about the 160 meter run until Thursday morning; where are all those long delayed echoes when I need them? 73 and Tnx to you and Burt!
W6IHG VA I finally arranged my schedule to catch up with your FMTs this year. Thought I had screwed up 80m, could not find your signal. I shut down too early. I was puzzling about the way the 40m signal had split into frequency bands over about 0.8 Hz. Your winds might help explain that. Thanks for making this fun available to us. Jerry, W6IHG
W6OQI LAX K5CM 20 meter signal was S8 to S9 at my QTH near Los Angeles.  40 meter signal was about S8.  The first 80 meter signal was S9 and the second 80 meter signal was S9+10.  All signals had QSB.  There was a lot of Doppler on 80 and 40 meters.  Doppler seemed minimal on 20 meters.  The 160 meter signal was too weak to measure.  I thought I copied "5CM" once but maybe it was my imagination.  Marvin, W6OQI
W9TJ IL 20 doppler as wild.  I found 0.1 hz difference between E ad W headings.  40 sigs S9+30, QRN 7 - 9. On 80 I assume 80M is first go and 80M_b second try. 80 sigs S9+10 to +20 QRN S7 with lots phase reversals.  160 sigs were great S9+20 on 80 mtr dipole and QRN S-6.  Some QSB on 160.  West coast 40 sigs S9 QRN 7 to 9+10 doppler wild.  WC 80 sigs S8 with QRN 7 to 9+10. Thanks to all and to Connie for the 160 add on.
W9ZB IN The two 80M ant sigs about were equal strength, although QSB masked differences for me.  West Coast weaker, with even more QSB.  160 sig was very strong & band appeared otherwise unoccupied on CW.  A fun run, except for the late bedtime here in the EDT zone.
WA1ABI RI Lots of static but fairly good sigs. Very wide spread here on Marvin's 40m run. Connie's 80m 'A' signal better S/N than 80m 'B'. Tnx Connie and Marvin.
WA2DVU SNJ Could not hear 80m - heavy qrn.  Results are for first 20m transmission that was 10/9 - second transmission was S5.  Thanks again Connie.  73, Bill, WA2DVU Cape May, NJ
WA4FJC VA Nothing heard on 80 M.  had many "cockpit" problms so hope to do better next time.  HP 3586B with triband beam / dipole antenna.  73 Gordon
WB9FIP WI Conditions certainly were not a "slam dunk" on any band!  Your 80M "A" antenna was just about 1.8 dB better than the "B" version here in Wisconsin.  Thanks for the fun.



 K5CM 160 meter readings (1846070.479 Hz)

WA1ABI RI 1846070.472 -0.007 3.79E-09
W9TJ IL 1846070.500 0.021 1.14E-08
W9ZB IN 1846070.283 -0.196 1.06E-07
W2FD WPA 1846070.700 0.221 1.20E-07
K6OQK LAX 1846071.489 1.010 5.47E-07
K6APW EB 1846071.850 1.371 7.43E-07


 K5CM 80-A meter readings (3578426.283 Hz)


WB9FIP WI 3578426.298 0.015 4.19E-09
WA1ABI RI 3578426.309 0.026 7.27E-09
W3JW VA 3578426.334 0.051 1.43E-08
W0PHD MN 3578426.335 0.052 1.45E-08
VE2IQ ON 3578426.228 -0.055 1.54E-08
K1GGI EMA 3578426.360 0.077 2.15E-08
W9TJ IL 3578426.200 -0.083 2.32E-08
KD2BD NNJ 3578426.405 0.122 3.41E-08
KA1BQP RI 3578426.465 0.182 5.09E-08
W9ZB IN 3578426.010 -0.273 7.63E-08
W6OQI LAX 3578426.586 0.303 8.47E-08
KMZ KS 3578427.000 0.717 2.00E-07
N5DM STX 3578425.200 -1.083 3.03E-07
N5LUL WTX 3578430.000 3.717 1.04E-06



 K5CM 80-B meter readings (3578427.327 Hz)


W3JW VA 3578427.334 0.007 1.96E-09
WA1ABI RI 3578427.335 0.008 2.24E-09
W0PHD MN 3578427.308 -0.019 5.31E-09
W6OQI LAX 3578427.366 0.039 1.09E-08
K1GGI EMA 3578427.280 -0.047 1.31E-08
WB9FIP WI 3578427.385 0.058 1.62E-08
VE2IQ ON 3578427.390 0.063 1.76E-08
W9TJ IL 3578427.262 -0.065 1.82E-08
KD2BD NNJ 3578427.410 0.083 2.32E-08
KA1BQP RI 3578427.441 0.114 3.19E-08
KMZ KS 3578427.500 0.173 4.83E-08
W9ZB IN 3578427.010 -0.317 8.86E-08
N8OB OH 3578426.545 -0.782 2.19E-07
N5DM STX 3578426.200 -1.127 3.15E-07
N5LUL WTX 3578435.000 7.673 2.14E-06



 K5CM  40 meter readings (7078537.558 Hz)


WB9FIP WI 7078537.564 0.006 8.48E-10
WA1ABI RI 7078537.573 0.015 2.12E-09
W9TJ IL 7078537.582 0.024 3.39E-09
W2FD WPA 7078537.600 0.042 5.93E-09
VE2IQ ON 7078537.607 0.049 6.92E-09
AF9A IN 7078537.502 -0.056 7.91E-09
KMZ KS 7078537.500 -0.058 8.19E-09
N3FG EPA 7078537.630 0.072 1.02E-08
W9ZB IN 7078537.483 -0.075 1.06E-08
WA2DVU SNJ 7078537.480 -0.078 1.10E-08
K6APW EB 7078537.480 -0.078 1.10E-08
W6IHG VA 7078537.645 0.087 1.23E-08
K1GGI EMA 7078537.660 0.102 1.44E-08
K6HGF LAX 7078537.422 -0.136 1.92E-08
N8OB OH 7078537.400 -0.158 2.23E-08
W0PHD MN 7078537.735 0.177 2.50E-08
N7EP WWA 7078537.818 0.260 3.67E-08
W3JW VA 7078537.834 0.276 3.90E-08
W6OQI LAX 7078537.155 -0.403 5.69E-08
KA1BQP RI 7078538.086 0.528 7.46E-08
N5DM STX 7078536.400 -1.158 1.64E-07
K7TT WWA 7078533.493 -4.065 5.74E-07
W1PW AZ 7078542.370 4.812 6.80E-07
N5LUL WTX 7078520.000 -17.558 2.48E-06
WA4FJC VA 7078141.000 -396.558 5.60E-05



 K5CM  20 meter readings (14058142.026 Hz)


N7EP WWA 14058142.007 -0.019 1.35E-09
WB9FIP WI 14058142.050 0.024 1.71E-09
W9TJ IL 14058142.070 0.044 3.13E-09
7L4IOU JAPAN 14058141.980 -0.046 3.27E-09
W3JW VA 14058141.968 -0.058 4.13E-09
AF9A IN 14058142.089 0.063 4.48E-09
W6IHG VA 14058142.093 0.067 4.77E-09
WA2DVU SNJ 14058141.956 -0.070 4.98E-09
VE2IQ ON 14058142.108 0.082 5.83E-09
WA1ABI RI 14058142.116 0.090 6.40E-09
K1GGI EMA 14058141.920 -0.106 7.54E-09
N8OB OH 14058142.215 0.189 1.34E-08
K6APW EB 14058142.220 0.194 1.38E-08
W6OQI LAX 14058141.830 -0.196 1.39E-08
N3FG EPA 14058141.830 -0.196 1.39E-08
W9ZB IN 14058142.317 0.291 2.07E-08
K6HGF LAX 14058141.708 -0.318 2.26E-08
KA1BQP RI 14058142.480 0.454 3.23E-08
W0PHD MN 14058141.094 -0.932 6.63E-08
W2FD WPA 14058140.900 -1.126 8.01E-08
N5DM STX 14058139.630 -2.396 1.70E-07
KMZ KS 14058154.000 11.974 8.52E-07
W1PW AZ 14058157.947 15.921 1.13E-06
K7TT WWA 14058123.036 -18.990 1.35E-06
WA4FJC VA 14058169.100 27.074 1.93E-06
N5LUL WTX 14058185.000 42.974 3.06E-06






 W6OQI 80 meter readings (3567002.355  Hz)


K6OQK LAX 3567002.354 -0.001 2.80E-10
K6HGF LAX 3567002.374 0.019 5.33E-09
W0PHD MN 3567002.330 -0.025 7.01E-09
WA1ABI RI 3567002.311 -0.044 1.23E-08
N7EP WWA 3567002.308 -0.047 1.32E-08
K5CM OK 3567002.420 0.065 1.82E-08
WB9FIP WI 3567002.266 -0.089 2.50E-08
KMZ KS 3567002.500 0.145 4.07E-08
W9TJ IL 3567002.510 0.155 4.35E-08
W2FD WPA 3567002.200 -0.155 4.35E-08
W3JW VA 3567002.153 -0.202 5.66E-08
K1GGI EMA 3567002.110 -0.245 6.87E-08
VE2IQ ON 3567002.018 -0.337 9.45E-08
W9ZB IN 3567002.013 -0.342 9.59E-08
K6APW EB 3567002.960 0.605 1.70E-07
N5DM STX 3566999.600 -2.755 7.72E-07
K7TT WWA 3567006.203 3.848 1.08E-06
W1PW AZ 3566997.668 -4.687 1.31E-06






 W6OQI 40 meter readings (7067002.254 Hz)


K6OQK LAX 7067002.254 0.000 0.00E+00
K6HGF LAX 7067002.257 0.003 4.25E-10
WA1ABI RI 7067002.178 -0.076 1.08E-08
K5CM OK 7067002.115 -0.139 1.97E-08
N7EP WWA 7067002.055 -0.199 2.82E-08
W3JW VA 7067002.049 -0.205 2.90E-08
K6APW EB 7067002.460 0.206 2.91E-08
VE2IQ ON 7067001.994 -0.260 3.68E-08
WB9FIP WI 7067001.810 -0.444 6.28E-08
W9TJ IL 7067001.780 -0.474 6.71E-08
K1GGI EMA 7067001.590 -0.664 9.40E-08
W9ZB IN 7067001.583 -0.671 9.49E-08
W0PHD MN 7067001.485 -0.769 1.09E-07
W2FD WPA 7067001.400 -0.854 1.21E-07
KMZ KS 7067003.500 1.246 1.76E-07
N5DM STX 7067000.600 -1.654 2.34E-07
K7TT WWA 7066998.224 -4.030 5.70E-07
W1PW AZ 7066998.034 -4.220 5.97E-07



Hear a brief audio snippet of Marvin's 40 meter signal.

audio/w6oqi-aug5-09-40m snip.wav



Hear a brief audio snippet of Connie's 40 meter signal as copied by WA1ABI






Spectrograph of K5CM'S 20 meter signal as copied by 7L4IOU



Spectrograph of Marvin's 40 meter signal as copied by K5CM





Spectrograph of W6OQI's 40 meter signal as copied by N7EP



comment from Earl, N7EP: It was at Sunset here in Seattle, and the signal shifted up 1 Hz in 3 minutes.




My photography is a little shaky, but it still shows the nearby storm.

Its completely dark out except when the lighting was striking.








Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. A 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Tokyo Hy-Power amp running 500 to 600 watts out on 160, 80, 40, and 20 meters.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS transmitting system.

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's over a 10 second period. 



160 - Dipole slopping down from 140 foot point on tower (favors East, West and North) 

80A-  Dipole - A 3.5 foot cage made from four wires in a box shape, sloping down from South to North (favors East, West, and North)

 80B- Dipole at about 65-70 degree slope (near vertical).

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4 element SteppIr 




Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area.








Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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