K5CM FMT - April 15, 2009 Results


Transmit frequencies in Hz


    80 Meters - 3579427.283 (9:45 pm CDT)

    40 Meters  - 7078390.644 (9:30 pm CDT)



     80 Meters - 3567000.235 (10:45 pm CDT)

     40 Meters - 7067000.146 (10:30 pm CDT)

Several first timers, along with great participation from the regulars, made this another successful FMT.


I think we were all a little surprised when we did not hear Marvin's usual strong 80 meter signal. I was quickly checking if I was tuned to the the right published frequency, and checking to see if I had the proper antenna selected. As it turned out Marvin had lost his Amplifier and was just running 20 watts from his vintage Viking I transmitter. Many of us were still able to find him in the noise and make a reading, with some readings being quite good.

Stations submitting readings on all possible bands (4):




A look at all readings 10 millihertz or better:


N9XR IL 3579427.289 0.006 1.68E-09
K6OQK LAX 3579427.274 -0.009 2.51E-09
W0PHD MN 7078390.64 -0.004 5.65E-10
K6OQK* LAX 3567000.228 -0.007 1.96E-09
K6HGF LAX 7067000.145 -0.001 1.42E-10
VE2IQ ON 7067000.145 -0.001 1.42E-10
K6OQK* LAX 7067000.144 -0.002 2.83E-10

*Burt is in direct/ground wave range of Marvin (about 8 miles).




WA4FJC VA Good signal tonight.  HP 3586B with dipole antenna.
WA3BDV EPA Could not hear WC-80.  WC-40 very noisy. East Coast signals very good in EPA.
WA2DVU SNJ Wish that the guys that always have the fx to the correct number would share some of their secrets on how they correct for doppler!!!!  73, Bill WA2DVU
WA1ABI RI Very good sigs tonight from Connie. Marvin was fair on 40m but inaudible on 80m. Spectrum Lab showed a signal buried in the noise, so that's what I recorded for 80m WC. Thanks Connie and Marvin for another fine FMT.
W9ZB IN This time, west coast sigs were very weak at this QTH.  K5CM sigs were good.
W9TJ IL K5CM 40 mtrs qrn S7-9 sigs  S7.  80 mtrs solid S9+20.  W6OQI 40 mtrs solid S9+10. 80 mtrs almost not there.  I caught only one full call sign during call up and only a few pop ups out of the noise during test interval.  Fun but doppler played havoc with K5CM 40 mtrs as it showed a 0.05 hz rise during the test interval.  Again, thank you for the FMT.  73  Tom
W6OQI LAX Sorry about the weak 80 meter signal from W6OQI, amplifier failed and the output power for 80 meters was only 20 Watts instead of 500 Watts.  The K5CM signal was 10 over 9 on forty meters with a doppler spread of about .12 Hz.  The K5CM 80 meter signal was running S 7 with about a .13 Hz doppler spread.
W3JW VA Iam glad to know that Marvin was running QRP on his 80 M transmission. For a wile I thought my antenna had fallen down into the weeds! I had difficult time acquiring the signal on that transmission as it was not strong enough to copy the CW very well. I got data for about the last 2 and a half minutes of his transmission. Doppler spread and shift were quite noticeable on all four test signals--- spread was one to two hz during the long dash transmissions Tnx es 73   Jeff
W2FD WPA Good Signals on 40 meters from K5CM and W6OQI although there was a lot of static on all bands.  80 meter signal was good from K5CM. W6OQI was just noticeable in the noise and the frequency result for 80 meters was more of a guess than a measurement.  Thanks again for the efforts of K5CM and W6OQI.
W1BW EMA SDR-1000 with Ozy/Janus all clocked by Thunderbolt GPSDO. Frequencies directly as measured...was in a hurry and didn't have time to take doppler measurements of reference frequencies.
W0TFW KS Signals were poor on 40m but very strong on 80m. I don't have my secondary standard completed yet, so I had to dig out the LM-15. I'll be interested to see how well I did with the old meter. Thanks for conducting the test, I'm looking forward to the next one. - Jeff
W0PHD MN SSB QRM on 80M but your sig was strong and over road QRM   W6OQI was very very weak on 80 meters I also had some instability on my local signal. One of these days I am going to start using the computer programs to compute the frequency.
VE2IQ ON Good sigs except WC-80M quite weak here.  Reported freq is average over keydown time.
N9XR IL WC-80M was too weak for me to hear more than a few dits and dahs.  But anyway this is my first FMT.  Probably have not figured out how to measure frequency very accurately, but I thought I would give it a try and see what the newer TS-480HX would do for me here.  No analysis software or anything.  Just heterodynes and a scope.  Thanks for the Yahoo group and letting me participate.
N8OB OH I had to rush home from Radio Club meeting and try to remember what I am doing.  Always fun..
N7EP WWA The FMT both before and after sunset here in Seattle was a real challenge.  The ionosphere was doing a hula dance. I had plenty of signal strength, except on the WC80M, but the signal spread was very large, between 0.5 and 1 Hz on all frequencies.  All my entries are guesses picking a spot in the middle of the very noisy signal.  Tonight, the FMT was more of an art than a science.  Thanks Connie for the experience.  Earl  
N5LUL WTX just wondering how the little yaesu ft857d did....
N5DM STX W6OQI 80M transmission buried in the background QRN.
N3FG EPA Lots of QSB and QRN here on 80M.  40M not too bad. Mny tnx.
KD2BD NNJ Good signals were received from Connie on 80 with only some slow, shallow fading (low multipath).  I stayed up and listened for Marvin on 80, but did not copy his signal.
K9KK OK Doppler shift on the K5CM 40 meter run was 6 Hertz from the lowest to the highest measured frequency.  Probably  multiple paths since we are only 120 miles apart.  I think I measured a bogus signal on his 80M run.  Did not hear W6OQI.
K7TT WWA No copy on 80 meters, no signals, just noise. K5CM very strong 40 meter signal here but couldn't find it in SpecLab display quick enough, no reading. Figured it out for the W6OQI 40 meter run and got at least one reading. Thanks.
K6OQK LAX Connies signals were both reasonably good but with deep fades.  Marv's signal was great on 40-Meters but his 80-Meter signal was just above the noise and at one time Spectrum Lab showed it "forking" into two different directions.  I was using my very short "Longwire" for Marv since he and I are only about 8 miles apart.  I always enjoy the FMT's and this was no exception.  Thanks to Pam for loaning us Connie and to Herta for loaning us Marv for the evening.  Burt, K6OQK
K6HGF LAX Thanks Connie & Marv.
K6BZZ AZ Good reasonably stable signals from K5CM.  W6OQI 40 meter signal 589 but frequency not stable. 80 meter signal 569 and frequency not stable. Hard to get a solid reading. +/- about .2 Hz throughout the runs on both bands. Lots of fun and thank you both for running the tests.
K6APW EB All signals good tonight, but pesky local shot noise.
K5CM OK Marvin had a good 40 meter signal but I was lucky to get a reading on the 80 signal.
K1GGI EMA K5CM 40m kept creeping up, about 200mHz over the run. I guessed at the middle. Sigs were easy copy, but never heard W6OQI on 80, now see he had probems, plus heavy QRN here. Thanks for another fun one.
K0MZ KS I used a Heathkit HW-8 for my receiver, a Drake TR-7 for my frequency source, and a Heathkit IM-4100 counter.  Keeping the counter tuned to WWV was the hardest part as it really drifts.  The 80 meter signal from California was very weak tonight.  Thanks for the great fun. 
AF9A IN Good signals on both 40 and 80 this time.  Thanks Connie!



 K5CM 80 meter readings (3579427.283 Hz)


N9XR IL 3579427.289 0.006 1.68E-09
K6OQK LAX 3579427.274 -0.009 2.51E-09
W3JW VA 3579427.267 -0.016 4.47E-09
KD2BD NNJ 3579427.302 0.019 5.31E-09
WA2DVU SNJ 3579427.305 0.022 6.15E-09
WA1ABI RI 3579427.309 0.026 7.26E-09
W9TJ IL 3579427.31 0.027 7.54E-09
K1GGI EMA 3579427.31 0.027 7.54E-09
W1BW EMA 3579427.235 -0.048 1.34E-08
N3FG EPA 3579427.23 -0.053 1.48E-08
K5BTK MS 3579427.217 -0.066 1.84E-08
W6OQI LAX 3579427.35 0.067 1.87E-08
K9KK OK 3579427.351 0.068 1.90E-08
W1PW AZ 3579427.359 0.076 2.12E-08
VE2IQ ON 3579427.365 0.082 2.29E-08
KB0OLA AL 3579427.2 -0.083 2.32E-08
K6HGF LAX 3579427.378 0.095 2.65E-08
AF9A IN 3579427.412 0.129 3.60E-08
W9ZB IN 3579427.118 -0.165 4.61E-08
K6BZZ AZ 3579427.456 0.173 4.83E-08
K0MZ KS 3579427.5 0.217 6.06E-08
WA3BDV EPA 3579427.5 0.217 6.06E-08
N7EP WWA 3579427.055 -0.228 6.37E-08
W2FD WPA 3579427 -0.283 7.91E-08
W0PHD MN 3579427.61 0.327 9.14E-08
K6APW EB 3579427.78 0.497 1.39E-07
N5DM STX 3579428.3 1.017 2.84E-07
WB9CHY IL 3579424.8 -2.483 6.94E-07
W0TFW KS 3579350 -77.283 2.16E-05
N8OB OH 3579046.884 -380.399 1.06E-04
WA4FJC VA 3579857.6 430.317 1.20E-04




 K5CM  40 meter readings (7078390.644 Hz)


W0PHD MN 7078390.64 -0.004 5.65E-10
W3JW VA 7078390.661 0.017 2.40E-09
WA1ABI RI 7078390.601 -0.043 6.07E-09
K6BZZ AZ 7078390.688 0.044 6.22E-09
WA2DVU SNJ 7078390.7 0.056 7.91E-09
W2FD WPA 7078390.7 0.056 7.91E-09
W1BW EMA 7078390.557 -0.087 1.23E-08
N9XR IL 7078390.732 0.088 1.24E-08
K6HGF LAX 7078390.552 -0.092 1.30E-08
VE2IQ ON 7078390.773 0.129 1.82E-08
K5BTK MS 7078390.774 0.130 1.84E-08
W9TJ IL 7078390.78 0.136 1.92E-08
WA3BDV EPA 7078390.5 -0.144 2.03E-08
KB0OLA AL 7078390.8 0.156 2.20E-08
K6OQK LAX 7078390.484 -0.160 2.26E-08
N3FG EPA 7078390.47 -0.174 2.46E-08
W6OQI LAX 7078390.46 -0.184 2.60E-08
W9ZB IN 7078390.363 -0.281 3.97E-08
AF9A IN 7078390.957 0.313 4.42E-08
N5LUL WTX 7078390 -0.644 9.10E-08
K6APW EB 7078391.328 0.684 9.66E-08
N7EP WWA 7078389.955 -0.689 9.73E-08
N5DM STX 7078391.8 1.156 1.63E-07
K0MZ KS 7078392 1.356 1.92E-07
WB9CHY IL 7078387.5 -3.144 4.44E-07
W0TFW KS 7078395 4.356 6.15E-07
K9KK OK 7078382.796 -7.848 1.11E-06
W1PW AZ 7078303.487 -87.157 1.23E-05
K1GGI EMA 7078299.99 -90.654 1.28E-05
WA4FJC VA 7078930 539.356 7.62E-05
AJ9ON IL 7077676.88 -713.764 1.01E-04




 W6OQI 80 meter readings (3567000.235 Hz)


K6OQK LAX 3567000.228 -0.007 1.96E-09
N7EP WWA 3567000.224 -0.011 3.08E-09
W1PW AZ 3567000.252 0.017 4.77E-09
K6BZZ AZ 3567000.215 -0.020 5.61E-09
W9TJ IL 3567000.26 0.025 7.01E-09
VE2IQ ON 3567000.189 -0.046 1.29E-08
WA1ABI RI 3567000.288 0.053 1.49E-08
K6HGF LAX 3567000.291 0.056 1.57E-08
K5CM OK 3567000.298 0.063 1.77E-08
W9ZB IN 3567000.001 -0.234 6.56E-08
W0PHD MN 3567000 -0.235 6.59E-08
W2FD WPA 3567000.5 0.265 7.43E-08
W3JW VA 3567000.508 0.273 7.65E-08
N5DM STX 3567000.9 0.665 1.86E-07
K0MZ KS 3567002 1.765 4.95E-07
K6APW EB 3566994.62 -5.615 1.57E-06




 W6OQI 40 meter readings (7067000.146Hz)


K6HGF LAX 7067000.145 -0.001 1.42E-10
VE2IQ ON 7067000.145 -0.001 1.42E-10
K6OQK LAX 7067000.144 -0.002 2.83E-10
WA1ABI RI 7067000.16 0.014 1.98E-09
W1PW AZ 7067000.173 0.027 3.82E-09
K5CM OK 7067000.118 -0.028 3.96E-09
W2FD WPA 7067000.1 -0.046 6.51E-09
K6BZZ AZ 7067000.218 0.072 1.02E-08
W3JW VA 7067000.074 -0.072 1.02E-08
K1GGI EMA 7067000.07 -0.076 1.08E-08
W0PHD MN 7067000.03 -0.116 1.64E-08
K5BTK MS 7067000.027 -0.119 1.68E-08
W9ZB IN 7067000.001 -0.145 2.05E-08
K7TT WWA 7067000.312 0.166 2.35E-08
N9XR IL 7066999.887 -0.259 3.66E-08
N7EP WWA 7066999.809 -0.337 4.77E-08
WA3BDV EPA 7067000.5 0.354 5.01E-08
W9TJ IL 7066999.765 -0.381 5.39E-08
K6APW EB 7067000.563 0.417 5.90E-08
K0MZ KS 7067001 0.854 1.21E-07
N5DM STX 7067001.3 1.154 1.63E-07




Spectrograph of Marvin's 40 meter signal as copied by K5CM


Hear a brief audio snippet of Marvin's 40 Meter signal as copied by K5CM.




Spectrograph of Marvin's 80 meter signal as copied by N7EP



Hear a brief audio snippet of Marvin's 80 Meter signal as copied by VE2IQ.



Spectrograph of Marvin's 80 meter signal as copied by WA1ABI




Spectrograph of K5CM's 80 meter signal as copied and generated by N7EP















Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. A 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Tokyo Hy-Power amp running 500 to 600 watts out on 40m, and 80m.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS transmitting system.


 80 -  Dipole - A 3.5 foot cage made from four wires in a box shape, sloping down from South to North (favors East, West, and North)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)




Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:


My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts on 40 meters. On 80 meters no amplifier was used and the output power was 20 watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area.



Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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