K5CM FMT - November 28, 2007 Results



K5CM run

20 Meters 14055509.563    (5pm CST)

30 Meters 10115411.271    (6pm CST)

80 Meters Average 3575501.661   (9:20 CST)

    80 Meters 3575501.516

    80 Meters 3575501.581

    80 Meters 3575501.658

    80 Meters 3575501.737

    80 Meters 3575501.815

160 Meters 1857303.752    (9:35 CST)


West coast run (W6OQI)

 80 Meters 3565001.683    (10:15 CST)

 40 Meters 7065002.945




160 meter readings (1857303.752)


WA1ABI RI 1857303.751 -0.001 5.38E-10
N3UC VA 1857303.755 0.003 1.62E-09
W3JW VA 1857303.759 0.007 3.77E-09
VE3OAT ON 1857303.738 -0.014 7.54E-09
W0CNN CO 1857303.774 0.022 1.18E-08
W6OQI CA 1857303.850 0.098 5.28E-08
N5PWG TX 1857303.480 -0.272 1.46E-07
K6APW CA 1857304.200 0.448 2.41E-07
WB0LXZ KS 1857304.200 0.448 2.41E-07
W0PHD MN 1857304.211 0.459 2.47E-07
N8OB OH 1857104.820






80 meter readings ( 3575501.661 Hz, up,   .299 Hz)


K6YAZ CA 3575501.680 0.019 5.31E-09
WB0LXZ KS 3575501.626 down 0.052 -0.035 9.79E-09
W6OQI CA 3575501.580 up 0.230 -0.081 2.27E-08
W0CNN CO 3575501.571 up 0.242 -0.090 2.52E-08
N3UC VA 3575501.560 up 0.350 -0.101 2.82E-08
VE2AZX QC 3575501.547 up 0.300 -0.114 3.19E-08
WA1ABI RI 3575501.543 up 0.230 -0.118 3.30E-08
VE3OAT ON 3575501.537 -0.124 3.47E-08
W0PHD MN 3575501.810 up 0.268 0.149 4.17E-08
W3JW VA 3575501.455 up 0.194 -0.206 5.76E-08
K6APW CA 3575501.910 up 0.200 0.249 6.96E-08
W5UFZ AZ 3575502.020 0.359 1.00E-07
N5PWG TX 3575502.340 0.679 1.90E-07


Local Screen capture by K5CM showing the 5 steps in frequency on 80 Meters

Its easy to see the steps when there is no Doppler.


Screen capture by Reid, W0CNN of the K5CM 80 Meter 5 frequency run. Hard to tell the shift form the Doppler.



SL capture by Jeff W3JW of the K5CM 80 meter run. Jeff uses LSB so the slant/slope goes to the left when the RF frequency increases


SL capture by Michael,N3UC of the K5CM 80 meter run. Keydown begins at 00:02



30 meter readings (10115411.271 Hz)


W3JW VA 10115411.293 0.022 2.17E-09
K6APW CA 10115411.300 0.029 2.87E-09
VE3OAT ON 10115411.304 0.033 3.26E-09
K6YAZ CA 10115411.050 -0.221 2.18E-08
W6OQI CA 10115411.020 -0.251 2.48E-08
W5UFZ AZ 10115410.670 -0.601 5.94E-08





20 meter readings (14055509.563 Hz)


VE3OAT ON 14055509.564 0.001 7.11E-11
K6YAZ CA 14055509.520 -0.043 3.06E-09
K6APW CA 14055509.500 -0.063 4.48E-09
W0CNN CO 14055509.454 -0.109 7.75E-09
W5UFZ AZ 14055509.420 -0.143 1.02E-08
W4UK SC 14055509.362 -0.201 1.43E-08
N5PWG TX 14055509.350 -0.213 1.52E-08
W0PHD MN 14055509.199 -0.364 2.59E-08





Sort by best West Coast 80 meter reading (3565001.683 Hz)


K6APW CA 3565001.700 0.017 4.77E-09
K5CM OK 3565001.656 -0.027 7.57E-09
VE3OAT ON 3565001.641 -0.042 1.18E-08
W0PHD MN 3565001.579 -0.104 2.92E-08
W3JW VA 3565001.570 -0.113 3.17E-08
N7KC WA 3565001.560 -0.123 3.45E-08
WA1ABI RI 3565001.551 -0.132 3.70E-08
W0CNN CO 3565001.536 -0.147 4.12E-08
WB0LXZ KS 3565001.533 -0.150 4.21E-08
W5UFZ AZ 3565001.347 -0.336 9.42E-08
N5PWG TX 3565002.180 0.497 1.39E-07





Sort by best West Coast 40 meter reading  (7065002.945 Hz) 

VE3OAT ON 7065002.933 -0.012 1.70E-09
K5CM OK 7065002.972 0.027 3.82E-09
W3JW VA 7065002.904 -0.041 5.80E-09
W0PHD MN 7065002.895 -0.050 7.13E-09
W0CNN CO 7065003.071 0.126 1.78E-08
WA1ABI RI 7065003.153 0.208 2.94E-08
N5PWG TX 7065003.370 0.425 6.02E-08
W5UFZ AZ 7065002.504 -0.441 6.24E-08





W5UFZ AZ No copy  on 160, K5CM 459 on 20 with qsb at 10 past the hour with nothing heard on the hour, 569 on 30 with qrn, 339 on 80- barely perceptible, W6OQI 589 on 80, and one level above mental telepathy on 40, 3-2-9.Strange conditions here tonight. Thanks for running the test. It's challenging.
W6OQI CA Sorry I missed the 14055 part of the FMT.
K6YAZ CA Signal seemed stronger on East heading for 20 meters. Was lot of spread on Speclab. On 30m Several peaks on speclab, but good signal to noise ratio. Good to be back doing this.
W0CNN CO Great FMT Connie- 30M non-existant in CO, 20M good copy but really suffered from Doppler shift, 160M solid as a rock.  80M was strong but difficult to measure, as doppler shift was heavy last 2 minutes.  WC sigs very strong in CO and very solid.  Used all homemade equipment except transceiver- homemade GPSDO with my own firmware driving a homebuilt 995x DDS/QSD designed by WB6DHW acting as a calibrated reference marker.  Captured both over the air with Kenwood TS-480HX with TCXO, audio sent direct to computer via M-Audio Delta 44.  Post processed with SpecLab software from DL4YHF.  Antennas used were SteppIR 3L on 20M/30M, W5GI Mystery Antenna on 40M/80M/160M.  Thanks again!  73 -Reid- W0CNN.
WB0LXZ KS Congrats to you Connie for your performance in ARRL FMT as well as that muv group FMT.
W0PHD MN The 10 Mhz signal could not be heard but a faint line not keyed suggested that this may be the 10 Mhz signal I was looking for.I did not find the 80 meter signal at the appointed time and this was really unfortunate because I was going to try to record the signal and it was set up to start recording at 9:15 CST and run for 15 minutes.  Operator error didn't help any either when I tried to restart the recording after the signal was finally found with the net result of no useable recording. On the WC signal I did get a recording but again I did not get the expected slow rise in frequency.  All of the recordings were done on a second computer and as Murphy came into play I lost the line input signal as I was checking out the drift of the sound card in the computer that I was using to make the recordings. The website name sure is right you got to be nuts to do this
N8OB OH It's hard to believe that the only band I could hear was 160 M. I thought my antenna was on the ground or??
K5CM OK Marvin, good signal on 80 meters, but 40 was on the weak side tonight.
VE2AZX QC No sig heard besides 80m
WA1ABI RI Good signals on 160 and 80. 40m WC very weak,  inaudible by ear, buriedin SSB QRM. No sigs on 30 or 20. The 80m shift test was very challenging - 5minutes of wild Doppler. Thanks Connie and Marvin.
W4UK SC This is  my first attempt at your FMT. I missed all but the 20 meter measurement. Thanks for providing the FMT. Jerry W4UK.
N5PWG TX 20m very weak signal. 30m nothing heard except a W7 in AR and a W6.80m did not detect any shift.WC: good sigs.
W3JW VA Doppler was everywhere except 160 meters. No signal heard on 20 meters and the 30 meter signal was so weak no audio was heard and the waterfall trace wasn't recognized until 7 minutes into the test. Other signals were of medium strength with noticeable QSB.
N3UC VA Nothing heard on 10 or 14MHz tonight. Used a new method, we will see if it worked.
N7KC WA lots of fun, could only hear W6OQI on 80m



From the good readings over the last two FMT's it seems winter time conditions have returned. 

Although the 80 meter test seemed to be an interesting thing to do, it seems most had a difficult time with the Doppler and the shift combined. Maybe increasing the shift would help, or as Jeff, W3JW suggested, going to 160 meters.


Stations copying five readings to .1Hz or better

 VE3OAT    Congratulations Martin 



Stations copying K5CM 160 meter run to .1Hz or better



Stations copying K5CM 80 meter run to .1Hz or better, or total shift to .050 Hz or better.




Stations copying K5CM 30 meter run to .1Hz or better



Stations copying K5CM 20 meter run to .1Hz or better





Stations copying W6OQI West coast 80 meter run to .1Hz or better.



Stations copying W6OQI West coast 40 meter run to .1Hz or better.






Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP-Z3801 GPS clocks a HP-3336B and a PTS-250. A small 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Dentron 2500 at 300 watts output except on 30 and 17 meters where the power is 75 watts. There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the HP-Z3801.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the HP-Z3801 against WWVB.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS but calibrated by the GPS system before the FMT.


160 - Vertical

80 -  Cage Dipole (favors East, West, and North)

40 - Dipole (favors East, West)

30 - Dipole

20 - 4 Element SteppIR Yagi


Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment:

My transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 dB attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 Watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area. 



Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 





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