Near or on New Years day

Will not be for sure until after Christmas.







November 25, 2015 ( Wednesday evening)  



0400 utc  (10PM CST)

80 meters near 3598 kHz


0415 utc

160 meters near 1842 kHz



November 26, 2015 (Thursday morning) 



1500 utc (9AM CST)

40 meters near 7055 kHz


1515 utc

20 meters near 14121 kHz

Two 20 meters runs, the first beaming East, the second beaming West. Both runs on the same frequency. The second run starts immediately following the first run. 



All runs will start with a three minute call up, then a 2 minute key down. K5CM will be the only TX station for both Wednesday and Thursday.


Be sure to tune plus and minus several kHz in case there is a QRM problem.


Please include both Wednesday and Thursday on the same entry form. Leave a note on FMT-nuts as to how the signal was copied Wednesday evening.


Be sure to use the K5CM Web entry form (below).




Web entry form Be sure to reload/refresh the form.... 


Send wave files, screen caps, etc to k5cm-2@suddenlink.net


Please join the FMT-nuts here:






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