May 13th at 18:30 utc and May 14th at 0200 utc, That would be Monday in North America. On 20, 40, and 80 meters. I know some can't make the daytime run so will do it again in the evening. I'm interested to know how many can detect the daytime 80 meter signal, so I will make it easier and be within 10 Hz of 3599 kHz.

I may not have time to change the K5CM FMT entry form so use the K5CM entry space for the EARLY run and the W6OQI entry space for the late run. 

For a little added fun do not count on the call up to be exactly on the key down frequency for 20 meters (of course measure and report the key down frequency).

Early run

20 meters near 14121 kHz

Call up 1830Z 

Key down: 1833Z


40 meters near 7065 kHz

Call up 1845Z

Key down 1848Z


80 meters near 3599 kHz (within 10Hz)

Call up 1900Z

Key down 1903Z


Late run

20 meters: NO late 20 meter run


40 meters near 7065 kHz

Call up 0200Z

Key down 0203Z


80 meters near 3599 kHz

Call up 0215Z

Key down 0218Z

Submit your entry by 0230Z the next day (Tuesday in North American)



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