K5CM FMT - January 19, 2011 Results


TX Frequencies
160, 1846266.612
80M 3578262.718 3567623.528
40M 7056999.916
20M 14058632.277





Stations submitting readings .1 Hz or better on all possible bands, ranked by average error


Call Section Grid Error in PPX
W1PW AZ DM33 6.04E-09




Stations submitting readings 1 Hz or better on all possible bands, ranked by average error


Call Section Grid Error in PPX
W1PW AZ DM33 6.04E-09
WA1ABI* RI FN41jp 1.05E-08
KM6QX EB CM87 1.51E-08
W6IHG VA FM09tb 1.82E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 2.01E-08
VE3OAT* ON FN25eg 2.06E-08
K9KK OK EM15 2.38E-08
W3JW* VA FM17TN 2.86E-08
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 3.23E-08
W9TJ* IL EM48 3.87E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 5.18E-08
K6BZZ* AZ DM33xb 6.76E-08
N5DM* STX EL29fs 6.87E-08
K6APW EB CM87uv 9.18E-08

*These stations also made this list in the last K5CM FMT (October) 



Stations submitting readings 1 Hz or better on all possible bands, in last two FMT's, ranked by average error


Call Section Grid Error in PPX-Jan Error PPX -Oct Avg PPX
W3JW VA FM17TN 2.86E-08 1.89E-08 2.37612E-08
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 2.06E-08 3.75E-08 2.90662E-08
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 1.05E-08 4.77E-08 2.91308E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 3.87E-08 3.34E-08 3.60509E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 6.76E-08 6.69E-08 6.72395E-08
N5DM STX EL29fs 6.87E-08 7.27E-08 7.07051E-08





A look at all readings 10 millihertz or better:


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
K5CM 160M
AB4RS VA FM18hw 1846266.612 1846266.612 0.000 0.00E+00
K5XL NTX EM12kp 1846266.612 1846266.611 -0.001 5.42E-10
W9TJ IL EM48 1846266.612 1846266.610 -0.002 1.08E-09
W3JW VA FM17TN 1846266.612 1846266.616 0.004 2.17E-09
K9KK OK EM15 1846266.612 1846266.607 -0.005 2.71E-09
K5CM 80M
W5EMC STX EM10 3578262.718 3578262.720 0.002 5.59E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3578262.718 3578262.724 0.006 1.68E-09
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3578262.718 3578262.724 0.006 1.68E-09
K5CM 20M
W1PW AZ DM33 14058632.277 14058632.283 0.006 4.27E-10





It seemed signals were about average for this FMT. Not sure what was going on with Marvin's 40 meter signal as many reported no copy, and the number of readings were down considerably compared with the rest for his 40 meter signal. Other than QRM, his signal was good here in Oklahoma. 


W1PW had a good night, with all 5 of his readings being within .1 Hz of the TX frequency. Also K6APW made a good showing on all five bands with his modest setup.


Thanks to all who participated. The best showing yet for a K5CM FMT!!!





VE3GTC ON FN25ig This is my first entry and I am just starting to come to terms with my equipment and how best to use in one of these FMT's. At the moment I am calibrating my signal generator against CHU and then comparing a local signal against the "on air signal", doing some math and hope I added or subtracted right to get my result. The 20 meter run worked out time wise, the other frequencies are too late in the evening so I couldn't measure these this time around. This was fun and will do it again and hopefully will be better the next time. Cheers, Graham ve3gtc near Ottawa Canada
W0HBK IA EN-42 No W6OQI 40M signal in Cedar Rapids.  80M 599.  FT-920 TCXO direct frequency measurement.  Thanks for doing the FMT!  Neale
W0PHD MN EN18oe 20 mtrs weak both directions and lot of multipath (doppler) no signal heard from W6OQI on 40 meters but 80 meters strong.
N2GL OR CN85ko Had Spectrum Lab averaging set too long to completely home in, and my half-way-in audio cable failed on me for two of the runs. I'll try again next time!
w5sxd STX el29ep 20m dipole/flex5000/k1jt fmt routines
W2VQS OK EM15jg Used a Flex 3000 radio, FLdigi, and a hand calculator.  W6OQI was weak and readable at times with deep fades.
W6OQI LAX DM04vf K5CM signal nice and strong on both 20 meter FMTs but had a wide doppler spread of .281 Hz.  K5CM 80 meter signal was strong but with a doppler spread of .254 Hz.  What's a fellow to do?  It is still fun trying.  K5CM signal not heard on 160 meters here in Southern California.  Marvin, W6OQI
W9ZB IN EM69xp 20M and 40M too weak & in the noise here to get good resolution.  All other sigs were S9 or better.  Very enjoyable; thanks!
W1HKJ AL EM64qv 20 meter signal had a lot of rapid fading, Signal about S3.  80 meter signal was +30 dB.  Transceiver TT-516 with TCXO, calibrated before and after to WWV.  Signal detection and analysis using fldigi and gnumeric.
K0OD MO EM48 Couldn't get home from work in time for the 20 Meter transmissions. W6OQI was too weak on 40 to get a reliable reading. Used only a stock Flex-5000A. No additional software or hardware. Thanks for your efforts. Jeff K0OD 
K4MP WWA CN88 Just a spot on a Elecraft K3.
WA1ABI RI FN41jp Good signals on all freqs except for W6OQI 40m, which was light copy. Surprising amount of static QRN for January. Lots of Doppler, no surprise there. Tnx Connie and Marvin.
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 20M tests - Murphy hits big time... computer crash halfway thru, new K3 in Diversity mode (DON'T DO THIS!), first time hearing FMT call & forgot to turn on reference generator, K3 CW in LSB by default (backwards). So recover WAV recording, patch up header by hand, look at one minute of data remaining, try to reverse engineer all the backwards stuff, and wing it for 14058631.304 (??). The others were good. But 160M was really tough reception on my 37m dipole + tons of QRN. Couldn't even see the signal in the waterfall, but I caught it in square-law detection mode. My first FMT, and looking forward to many more.
W5EMC STX EM10 20M S1,3578 S9,1846 S3 Hum on tone,OQI 40M no sig,80M weak SS not logged Enjoyed the FMT - Bob
KM6QX EB CM87 Used a Flex-1500 with GPSDO 10MHz reference oscillator and Fldigi to measure CWU Pitch Tone. System calibrated with RF signal generator referenced to same GPSDO.  All signals very strong, even K5CM's East Beam here in northern CA. de John Stuart
N7EP AZ DM43dj All signals strong into AZ.  Doppler bad except on 160M. Almost 2 Hz on 80M from K5CM.  My calibration signal from 2.5 MHz WWV was very stable throughout the FMT.  As usual, I used a dart board for added precision.  Thanks Connie and W6OQI, I find the FMT's to be great sport.  Earl in Mesa, AZ
wi3z EPA fn20  
WA2USJ NLI FN30bq I keep on trying, conditions fair to good,rig TS570S with TCXO.
WA4FJC VA FM08lf Thunderbolt GPS reference, HP 3586B and 80 M dipole.  Nothing heard on the 40 M  west coast run.  Missed the 20 M run.  Signals heard were pretty good.  Keep up the good work.  73 Gordon
KG0HY NE EN20 Signals, fair to good, but K5CM's 20M signal was -120db.  Receiver is a WinRadio 313, calibrated to WWV.  Antenna is 100 feet long, off center feed dipole, up 20 feet.  De KG0HY, Casey
KMZ KS EM28ix Due to an error on my part, I only got in on the last test.  Marvin's 80 Meter signal had a bit of QSB and doppler.  Receiver used is Hallicrafters SX-73.  Transfer oscillator is Drake TR-7.  Counter is Heathkit clocked with HP 10544A oven oscillator.  All tuning measurements by ear.
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nb Heavy QRM on 80, Good sigs on 20 and 160. 160 did not have much doppler shifting. Thanks Connie.
N9GC MN EN35fc FT1000MP MkV with FlDigi.
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd The Kp-index was between 0 and 1 during the FMT, providing good signal levels and slow, shallow fading.  WWVB was very strong.  Connie's 160 meter signal was surprisingly good, and Marvin's 80-meter signal was one of the best I've heard in quite some time.  Frequency readings were taken at 10 second intervals and averaged.  Maximum frequency deviation was observed on 160 (0.2625 Hz pk-pk).  Minimum occurred during Marvin's 80-meter run (0.2 Hz pk-pk) -- quite the opposite of what I would have expected.
WB3AKD VA FM19CE Not too confident in my readings this time as I tried a new phase measurement technique and mashed a few incorrect buttons causing much flailing about, but ultimately, still an interesting experience, always an adventure trying something new.  Missed the 20M run due to schedule.  K5CM signals were pretty good considering the beverage antenn is pointed toward N. Africa.  No copy on west coast 40M signal but 80M was OK.  As always great fun, outside the fumble fingering on the panel. 
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb Good signals all bands. Weakest was 160. A small difference in frequency observed here between Connie's east beaming and west beaming 20 meter signals. Interesting. Thanks to all involved for running the tests. Great fun and challenging.
AA8K MI EN82sx Peak signal levels received in dBm:  K5CM 20 M no signal, 80M -79, K5CM 160M -89, W6OQI 40M -98, W6OQI 80M -97,  WWV 2.5 MHz -82, WWV 5 MHz -63, WWV 10 MHz no signal.  Antenna: ground-mounted vertical 20 meters high.  I used only Open HPSDR, Thunderbolt GPSDO, and Spectrum Lab.  I offset the HPSDR's frequency about 300 Hz to make a tone with its BFO, and used Flex Radio's PowerSDR to make a wave file.  I played the wave file back and ran Spectrum Lab, noted the offset from the HPSDR frequency dial.
N5DM STX EL29fs TS-480S w/Digipan v2.0.
N5LBZ MS EM53qv Signals were not very strong. Connie's 20M signal was barely readable on the first run and by the time I got him tuned in the run was over...but his signal increased dramatically while he was making the second callup..Maybe he beamed West first...no copy at all on W6OQI on 40.
K9KK OK EM15 Lowest Doppler shift I've experienced.  Good signal strengths.  I have no excuses this time!!!  Used a GPS disiplined reference signal generator. Spectrum Lab then measured the difference between that and FMT signal.
K7TT WWA CN87wl Good signal here in Washington ... even better with antenna in this direction.
K6DSW LAX DM04te My first try at this. I just used the CW spot fuction on my Elecraft K3 with "FINE" frequency readout selected. I only have the standard timebase, and I did no additional calibration. The results are unlikely to be within 10 Hz.
K6APW EB CM87uv Thanks to Connie and Marvin. Good signals except 160M which was at my noise level and below.
VE3OAT ON FN25eg W6OQI was very weak on 40 m so my data there wasn't very good in either quality or quantity HI, but 80 m was fine, as usual.  K5CM good on all bands.  Thanks to you both for giving us this challenge. 
N3FG EPA FM29 20M pretty good. The other bands were noisey and had some QRM.  Could not hear W6OQI on 40M.  Used my trusty IC-7200, Spectran, WWV, and a 40M dipole except for 20M where I used a 2 el yagi.
W9TJ IL EM48 Connie's 20 eastbound was very weak with slight improvement for westbound.  Measurements were spread over one Hz. It was sundown time here to the minute.  K5CM boomed in  S9++ on 80 and 160 with doppler shift on both.  W6OQI very weak on 40 and rode well under a local S9 hash on 80.  I again observed  a difference of 0.1 Hz between the 20 meter signals with westbound being the higher.  My thanks to you folks for making the test possible.  73    Tom
WBLXZ KS EM27pk Homebrew GPS with OCXO, HP3586B, HP3335A, Spec Lab. 80m dipole. I couldn't find the 40M signal. I chose the higher frequency edge of each doppler-smeared signal instead of the center as I chose in November. Great fun. Thanks. - bill
N5JOA NFL EM70vk Missed 20 meter FMT.  Direct frequency measurement.  Used RF Space SDR-IQ and Spectra Vue Software on T-20 Thinkpad.  Calibrated to WWV 10 Mhz. after 90 minute warm up.  Antenna is 260 foot dipole with open feed line.  Strong signals (S-9) from K5CM.  Signals from W6OQI were at my noise level (appx. S-3).
AB4RS VA FM18hw All transmissions were loud and clear except W6OQI 40m, which was almost audible, but SpectrumLab DSP pulled it out of the noise. Used the delta reference methid using a HP 3336C locked to a Trimble Thunderbolt to inject the reference signal. Used SpectrumLab to analyze the data.Enjoyable as always.
W1PW AZ DM33  
VE2IQ ON FN15nt K5CM 20-M east: RST599, west: RST519, freq seemed higher here while beaming west  No copy on W60QI 40-M run  Thanks to all
W6IHG VA FM09tb Using Delta Reference method with HP3336 with Thunderbolt and FT-2000. Really different results on 20m East and West. Distributions hardly overlap. Ended up estimating on a common cluster? I have seen that before where the "truth" was not even in my data? Found out why the FT2000 oscillator drifts up and then down - it is the fan cooling and then shuting off for the oscillator to heat soak again. Have to fix that - it is almost 5 Hz change.
K5XL NTX EM12kp FT-1000MP with TCXO calibrated to local GPSDO AM station on 1270 Khz.  Computer sound card calibrated by tuning AM station 500 hz above in LSB on VFO-A and 500 hz below in USB on VFO-B while in dual receive, then adjusting SpecLab 'sample rate correction' for the same amount of error on each sideband tone.       Tuned each FMT signal for approx 500 hz tone in USB, measured tone using SpecLab and combined it with the VFO frequency reading.     I wasn't available for the 20M test, and the 40M test from W6OQI was very weak.  Lots of Doppler on all signals except 160M.    Thanks to Connie and Marvin.
WD9GLR IN EN61gm second attempt at FMT...857-d, Spectran, coordinating signals with WWV and CHunable to copy the 160 signals and the W6 signal on 80..the W6 signal on 40 was just audible above the S7 noise level..surprised not able to copy the 160 signal despite an "open" band at my end..thanks for the opportunity...  
K1GGI EMA FN41wr Got started late and fumbled around to capture anything on K5CM 20m run, chasing a drifting BFO. Settled down for others. Couldnt hear W6OQI on 40, but saw something that looked like a carrier in SL. QRN kept the SL baseline jumping. Thanks guys.
W3JW VA FM17TN Good signals across the board tonite with Marvin's 80M signal being  particularly strong. Plenty of doppler spread to go around with the 40 and 80 meter signals being "the most devilish". Tnx fer another FB FMT.
AF9A IN EM69wv Connie, good signals on 80 and 160.  In the noise on 20.  Thanks!
W4UK SC EM93 No copy on the 20 M sig here in SC, Connie. The others were weak and wavering, but I made a guess anyway. Hope it was a good guess. Used my Thunderbolt stabilized Flex-5000a, fldigi, and excel. Thanks for the tests.  Jerry W4UK
K6IQL KS EM28nq Thanks again for another FMT. No signals heard here in Kansas on 40 M. Murphy lives and introduced a 60 Hz ground loop on the coax from my Rb source to the RF reference sign gen. Must have been the 5 KW heater on the same sub panel. Made small deviation 60 Hz FM on Rf reference gen. So results will be interesting. Can it be averaged out?   Equip - 75A4, Fluke sign gen, Rb reference, and Spectrum Lab. 73 to all and thanks again for another FMT  - John
K5CM OK EM25 Marvin had a good signal on 40 meters, but Strong QRM started just as he went Key Down. No, problem with 80 meters.



K5CM 160 Meters


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
AB4RS VA FM18hw 1846266.612 1846266.612 0.000 0.00E+00
K5XL NTX EM12kp 1846266.612 1846266.611 -0.001 5.42E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 1846266.612 1846266.611 -0.001 5.42E-10
W9TJ IL EM48 1846266.612 1846266.610 -0.002 1.08E-09
W3JW VA FM17TN 1846266.612 1846266.616 0.004 2.17E-09
K9KK OK EM15 1846266.612 1846266.607 -0.005 2.71E-09
W5EMC STX EM10 1846266.612 1846266.600 -0.012 6.50E-09
AA8K MI EN82sx 1846266.612 1846266.600 -0.012 6.50E-09
AF9A IN EM69wv 1846266.612 1846266.625 0.013 7.04E-09
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 1846266.612 1846266.599 -0.013 7.04E-09
W6IHG VA FM09tb 1846266.612 1846266.598 -0.014 7.58E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 1846266.612 1846266.632 0.020 1.08E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 1846266.612 1846266.587 -0.025 1.35E-08
N7EP AZ DM43dj 1846266.612 1846266.586 -0.026 1.41E-08
KM6QX EB CM87 1846266.612 1846266.579 -0.033 1.79E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 1846266.612 1846266.576 -0.036 1.95E-08
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 1846266.612 1846266.650 0.038 2.06E-08
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 1846266.612 1846266.574 -0.038 2.06E-08
WB3AKD VA FM19CE 1846266.612 1846266.564 -0.048 2.60E-08
K6IQL KS EM28nq 1846266.612 1846266.535 -0.077 4.17E-08
WBLXZ KS EM27pk 1846266.612 1846266.526 -0.086 4.66E-08
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 1846266.612 1846266.700 0.088 4.77E-08
N5DM STX EL29fs 1846266.612 1846266.700 0.088 4.77E-08
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 1846266.612 1846266.513 -0.099 5.36E-08
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nb 1846266.612 1846266.500 -0.112 6.07E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 1846266.612 1846266.500 -0.112 6.07E-08
w5sxd STX el29ep 1846266.612 1846266.727 0.115 6.23E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 1846266.612 1846266.483 -0.129 6.99E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 1846266.612 1846266.471 -0.141 7.64E-08
K0OD MO EM48 1846266.612 1846266.800 0.188 1.02E-07
W2VQS OK EM15jg 1846266.612 1846266.810 0.198 1.07E-07
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 1846266.612 1846266.276 -0.336 1.82E-07
K4MP WWA CN88 1846266.612 1846267.000 0.388 2.10E-07
KG0HY NE EN20 1846266.612 1846267.000 0.388 2.10E-07
K6APW EB CM87uv 1846266.612 1846267.031 0.419 2.27E-07
N5JOA NFL EM70vk 1846266.612 1846267.200 0.588 3.18E-07
W0HBK IA EN-42 1846266.612 1846266.000 -0.612 3.31E-07
K6DSW LAX DM04te 1846266.612 1846262.000 -4.612 2.50E-06
N9GC MN EN35fc 1846266.612 1846280.000 13.388 7.25E-06
W4UK SC EM93 1846266.612 1846251.996 -14.616 7.92E-06
WA2USJ NLI FN30bq 1846266.612 1846845.555 578.943




K5CM 80 Meters


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
W5EMC STX EM10 3578262.718 3578262.720 0.002 5.59E-10
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3578262.718 3578262.724 0.006 1.68E-09
N5DM STX EL29fs 3578262.718 3578262.700 -0.018 5.03E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 3578262.718 3578262.745 0.027 7.55E-09
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 3578262.718 3578262.679 -0.039 1.09E-08
AF9A IN EM69wv 3578262.718 3578262.675 -0.043 1.20E-08
K9KK OK EM15 3578262.718 3578262.781 0.063 1.76E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 3578262.718 3578262.638 -0.080 2.24E-08
W3JW VA FM17TN 3578262.718 3578262.634 -0.084 2.35E-08
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 3578262.718 3578262.623 -0.095 2.65E-08
W6OQI LAX DM04vf 3578262.718 3578262.621 -0.097 2.71E-08
KM6QX EB CM87 3578262.718 3578262.621 -0.097 2.71E-08
W4UK SC EM93 3578262.718 3578262.620 -0.098 2.74E-08
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 3578262.718 3578262.600 -0.118 3.30E-08
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 3578262.718 3578262.598 -0.120 3.35E-08
W2VQS OK EM15jg 3578262.718 3578262.850 0.132 3.69E-08
w5sxd STX el29ep 3578262.718 3578262.851 0.133 3.72E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 3578262.718 3578262.581 -0.137 3.83E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 3578262.718 3578262.580 -0.138 3.86E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 3578262.718 3578262.560 -0.158 4.42E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 3578262.718 3578262.532 -0.186 5.20E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 3578262.718 3578262.530 -0.188 5.25E-08
W6IHG VA FM09tb 3578262.718 3578262.528 -0.190 5.31E-08
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nb 3578262.718 3578262.527 -0.191 5.34E-08
WBLXZ KS EM27pk 3578262.718 3578262.914 0.196 5.48E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 3578262.718 3578262.519 -0.199 5.56E-08
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 3578262.718 3578262.491 -0.227 6.34E-08
K6APW EB CM87uv 3578262.718 3578262.980 0.262 7.32E-08
W0HBK IA EN-42 3578262.718 3578263.000 0.282 7.88E-08
K0OD MO EM48 3578262.718 3578262.400 -0.318 8.89E-08
W1HKJ AL EM64qv 3578262.718 3578263.040 0.322 9.00E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 3578262.718 3578262.379 -0.339 9.47E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 3578262.718 3578262.374 -0.344 9.61E-08
N5JOA NFL EM70vk 3578262.718 3578263.100 0.382 1.07E-07
N5LBZ MS EM53qv 3578262.718 3578262.250 -0.468 1.31E-07
WB3AKD VA FM19CE 3578262.718 3578262.078 -0.640 1.79E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 3578262.718 3578262.030 -0.688 1.92E-07
N9GC MN EN35fc 3578262.718 3578259.000 -3.718 1.04E-06
K6DSW LAX DM04te 3578262.718 3578259.000 -3.718 1.04E-06
KG0HY NE EN20 3578262.718 3578267.000 4.282 1.20E-06
K4MP WWA CN88 3578262.718 3578257.000 -5.718 1.60E-06
WD9GLR IN EN61gm 3578262.718 3578480.272 217.554
WA2USJ NLI FN30bq 3578262.718 3578865.556 602.838
N7EP AZ DM43dj 3578262.718 3576625.310 -1637.408


K5CM 20 Meters


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
W1PW AZ DM33 14058632.277 14058632.283 0.006 4.27E-10
W1HKJ AL EM64qv 14058632.277 14058632.300 0.023 1.64E-09
N5LBZ MS EM53qv 14058632.277 14058632.250 -0.027 1.92E-09
N3FG EPA FM29 14058632.277 14058632.330 0.053 3.77E-09
W3JW VA FM17TN 14058632.277 14058632.206 -0.071 5.05E-09
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 14058632.277 14058632.196 -0.081 5.76E-09
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 14058632.277 14058632.190 -0.087 6.19E-09
W6IHG VA FM09tb 14058632.277 14058632.370 0.093 6.62E-09
W9ZB IN EM69xp 14058632.277 14058632.181 -0.096 6.83E-09
WBLXZ KS EM27pk 14058632.277 14058632.170 -0.107 7.61E-09
K9KK OK EM15 14058632.277 14058632.167 -0.110 7.82E-09
w5sxd STX el29ep 14058632.277 14058632.156 -0.121 8.61E-09
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 14058632.277 14058632.153 -0.124 8.82E-09
K7TT WWA CN87wl 14058632.277 14058632.411 0.134 9.53E-09
N2GL OR CN85ko 14058632.277 14058632.140 -0.137 9.74E-09
WA2DVU SNJ FM29nb 14058632.277 14058632.130 -0.147 1.05E-08
KM6QX EB CM87 14058632.277 14058632.117 -0.160 1.14E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 14058632.277 14058632.102 -0.175 1.24E-08
K6IQL KS EM28nq 14058632.277 14058632.092 -0.185 1.32E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 14058632.277 14058632.083 -0.194 1.38E-08
W5EMC STX EM10 14058632.277 14058632.500 0.223 1.59E-08
K6APW EB CM87uv 14058632.277 14058632.040 -0.237 1.69E-08
W0HBK IA EN42 14058632.277 14058632.000 -0.277 1.97E-08
N7EP AZ DM43dj 14058632.277 14058632.000 -0.277 1.97E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 14058632.277 14058631.970 -0.307 2.18E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 14058632.277 14058632.590 0.313 2.23E-08
W6OQI LAX DM04vf 14058632.277 14058632.907 0.630 4.48E-08
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 14058632.277 14058631.304 -0.973 6.92E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 14058632.277 14058633.319 1.042 7.41E-08
N5DM STX EL29fs 14058632.277 14058633.750 1.473 1.05E-07
VE3GTC ON FN25ig 14058632.277 14058628.766 -3.511 2.50E-07
N9GC MN EN35fc 14058632.277 14058643.000 10.723 7.63E-07
KG0HY NE EN20 14058632.277 14058679.500 47.223 3.36E-06
WD9GLR IN EN61gm 14058632.277 14058700.050 67.773 4.82E-06




W6OQI 80 Meters


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 3567623.528 3567623.553 0.025 7.01E-09
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 3567623.528 3567623.5 -0.028 7.85E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 3567623.528 3567623.499 -0.029 8.13E-09
W6IHG VA FM09tb 3567623.528 3567623.495 -0.033 9.25E-09
KM6QX EB CM87 3567623.528 3567623.57 0.042 1.18E-08
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 3567623.528 3567623.482 -0.046 1.29E-08
K5CM OK EM25 3567623.528 3567623.457 -0.071 1.99E-08
N7EP AZ DM43dj 3567623.528 3567623.455 -0.073 2.05E-08
KD2BD NNJ FN20xd 3567623.528 3567623.441 -0.087 2.44E-08
AA8K MI EN82sx 3567623.528 3567623.39 -0.138 3.87E-08
AB4RS VA FM18hw 3567623.528 3567623.385 -0.143 4.01E-08
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 3567623.528 3567623.356 -0.172 4.82E-08
W0PHD MN EN18oe 3567623.528 3567623.349 -0.179 5.02E-08
N3FG EPA FM29 3567623.528 3567623.34 -0.188 5.27E-08
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 3567623.528 3567623.333 -0.195 5.47E-08
W2VQS OK EM15jg 3567623.528 3567623.32 -0.208 5.83E-08
K9KK OK EM15 3567623.528 3567623.307 -0.221 6.19E-08
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 3567623.528 3567623.287 -0.241 6.76E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 3567623.528 3567623.273 -0.255 7.15E-08
KG0HY NE EN20 3567623.528 3567623.8 0.272 7.62E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 3567623.528 3567623.226 -0.302 8.47E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3567623.528 3567623.209 -0.319 8.94E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 3567623.528 3567623.209 -0.319 8.94E-08
WBLXZ KS EM27pk 3567623.528 3567623.203 -0.325 9.11E-08
K0OD MO EM48 3567623.528 3567623.2 -0.328 9.19E-08
W5EMC STX EM10 3567623.528 3567623.2 -0.328 9.19E-08
W3JW VA FM17TN 3567623.528 3567623.172 -0.356 9.98E-08
K6APW EB CM87uv 3567623.528 3567623.92 0.392 1.10E-07
W9TJ IL EM48 3567623.528 3567623.13 -0.398 1.12E-07
W4UK SC EM93 3567623.528 3567623.103 -0.425 1.19E-07
N5DM STX EL29fs 3567623.528 3567623.1 -0.428 1.20E-07
W0HBK IA EN-42 3567623.528 3567624 0.472 1.32E-07
N2GL OR CN85ko 3567623.528 3567624 0.472 1.32E-07
KMZ KS EM28ix 3567623.528 3567624 0.472 1.32E-07
N5JOA NFL EM70vk 3567623.528 3567624 0.472 1.32E-07
N5LBZ MS EM53qv 3567623.528 3567623 -0.528 1.48E-07
K4MP WWA CN88 3567623.528 3567619 -4.528 1.27E-06
K6DSW LAX DM04te 3567623.528 3567619 -4.528 1.27E-06
K6IQL KS EM28nq 3567623.528 3567616.44 -7.088 1.99E-06
WB3AKD VA FM19CE 3567623.528 3567702 78.472
w5sxd STX el29ep 3567623.528 3567493.882 -129.646




W6OQI 40 Meters


Call Section Grid TX Frequency Measured Freq Error in Hz Error in PPX
VE3OAT ON FN25eg 7056999.916 7056999.902 -0.014 1.98E-09
N7EP AZ DM43dj 7056999.916 7056999.931 0.015 2.13E-09
W1PW AZ DM33 7056999.916 7056999.939 0.023 3.26E-09
AA8K MI EN82sx 7056999.916 7056999.940 0.024 3.40E-09
WA1ABI RI FN41jp 7056999.916 7056999.878 -0.038 5.38E-09
K5CM OK EM25 7056999.916 7056999.874 -0.042 5.95E-09
KM6QX PAC CM87 7056999.916 7056999.969 0.053 7.51E-09
N7AIG AZ DM42ng 7056999.916 7056999.979 0.063 8.93E-09
AB4RS VA FM18hw 7056999.916 7056999.849 -0.067 9.49E-09
W3JW VA FM17TN 7056999.916 7056999.826 -0.090 1.28E-08
W6IHG VA FM09tb 7056999.916 7056999.814 -0.102 1.45E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7056999.916 7056999.803 -0.113 1.60E-08
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7056999.916 7056999.803 -0.113 1.60E-08
W9TJ IL EM48 7056999.916 7056999.770 -0.146 2.07E-08
W2VQS OK EM15jg 7056999.916 7056999.750 -0.166 2.35E-08
K9KK OK EM15 7056999.916 7056999.712 -0.204 2.89E-08
N5JOA NFL EM70vk 7056999.916 7056999.700 -0.216 3.06E-08
K6APW EB CM87uv 7056999.916 7057000.144 0.228 3.23E-08
K6BZZ AZ DM33xb 7056999.916 7057000.165 0.249 3.53E-08
W9ZB IN EM69xp 7056999.916 7056999.500 -0.416 5.89E-08
W4UK SC EM93 7056999.916 7056999.500 -0.416 5.89E-08
N5DM STX EL29fs 7056999.916 7056999.450 -0.466 6.60E-08
K6DSW LAX DM04te 7056999.916 7056995.000 -4.916 6.97E-07
K4MP WWA CN88 7056999.916 7056496.000 -503.916 7.14E-05
WD9GLR IN EN61gm 7056999.916 7055960.775 -1039.141 1.47E-04
K1GGI EMA FN41wr 7056999.916 7055912.258 -1087.658 1.54E-04






Audio snippets recorded by WA1ABI













Audio snippets recorded by K5CM

Notice the QRM start during Marvin's key down.

audio/w6oqi-jan2011-40m-by cm.wav




audio/w6oqi-jan2011-80-shack-snip by cm.wav


    F   M T     Q   S  T   D  E  W  6     O   Q     I



This from KM6QX:


The attached pdf file has my Frequency-vs-Time graphs which were made from Fldigis high resolution csv logging files. 

 My FMT system consists of:

OCF Dipole (N-S), ThunderBolt GPSDO, Flex-1500 receiver (SR=Off, IF= 0Hz, Ext. 10MHz Ref), Virtual Audio Cable to Fldigi, and an old HP3325A Signal Generator for calibration.

 One of the post-processing corrections I made was for the DDS oscillator in the FlexRadio which is limited to 32 bits of resolution (~1/4 Hz).  For this FMT, my DDS corrections were pretty small: 0.0030, 0.0056, 0.0002, -0.0052, and 0.0177 Hz.   I determined these corrections by using my signal generator (GPSDO locked) set to the specific Flex-1500 VFO values I dialed-in for each signal.  I also double-checked my submissions by setting the signal generator exactly to my final corrected measurements (~guesses) and found they all replicated the received signal to within a millihertz or two.  

John Stuart , KM6QX





Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. A 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Dentron 2500 running 350 - 500 watts out on 160, 80, and 20 meters.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. The separate system is not locked to the GPS transmitting system, but to another GPS source.

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's or a Z3801 and a Thunderbolt, over a 10 to 10,000 second period. 



160 - Vertical

 80 - New Sloping dipole. Sloping down from 140'. (favors West, North, East)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4el SteppIR at 70'


Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment for this FMT:



My Transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 db attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area.







Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 






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