August 15, 2007 RESULTS

(40M run - 9:00 PM CDT        80M run -9:30 CDT)

(West coast run - 10:00 PM CDT )



80 Meters A -  3555710.1 Hz (Published Reference) 

80 Meters B -  3555761.118 Hz

40 Meters - 7055817.954 Hz




40 Meters - 7065588.125 Hz 





Sort by best 80 meter "Corrected" reading  (B - 3555761.118  Hz)


K6OQK CA 3555761.116 -0.002 5.62E-10
VE2AZX QC 3555761.120 0.002 5.62E-10
W3JW VA 3555761.124 0.006 1.69E-09
W3CSW MD 3555761.104 -0.014 3.94E-09
W5UFZ AZ 3555761.100 -0.018 5.06E-09
N5PWG TX 3555761.140 0.022 6.19E-09
N8OB OH 3555761.000 -0.118 3.32E-08
W6OQI CA 3555760.988 -0.130 3.66E-08
WB0LXZ KS 3555760.983 -0.135 3.80E-08
VE3OAT ON 3555760.734 -0.384 1.08E-07
W1PW AZ 3555760.710 -0.408 1.15E-07



Sort by best 80 meter "Uncorrected" reading (B -  3555761.118 Hz)


W3CSW MD 3555761.118 0.000 0.00E+00
W3JW VA 3555761.106 -0.012 3.37E-09
W5UFZ AZ 3555761.1 -0.018 5.06E-09
K8JQ WV 3555761.19 0.072 2.02E-08
WB0LXZ KS 3555761.018 -0.100 2.81E-08
W1PW AZ 3555761.23 0.112 3.15E-08
VE3OAT ON 3555760.981 -0.137 3.85E-08
VE2AZX QC 3555760.911 -0.207 5.82E-08
K6OQK CA 3555760.85 -0.268 7.54E-08
W6OQI CA 3555760.658 -0.460 1.29E-07
K6APW CA 3555762 0.882 2.48E-07
N5PWG TX 3555762.36 1.242 3.49E-07
N8OB OH 3555762.9 1.782 5.01E-07


Sort by best 40 meter reading ( 7055817.954 Hz)


W3CSW MD 7055818.008 0.054 7.65E-09
W3JW VA 7055818.055 0.101 1.43E-08
KM1P MA 7055818.11 0.156 2.21E-08
K8JQ WV 7055818.16 0.206 2.92E-08
VE2AZX QC 7055818.226 0.272 3.85E-08
W1PW AZ 7055817.607 -0.347 4.92E-08
WB0LXZ KS 7055818.342 0.388 5.50E-08
N5PWG TX 7055818.38 0.426 6.04E-08
K6APW CA 7055817.5 -0.454 6.43E-08
W0PHD MN 7055817.468 -0.486 6.89E-08
VE3OAT ON 7055818.466 0.512 7.26E-08
N8OB OH 7055818.5 0.546 7.74E-08
K6OQK CA 7055817.27 -0.684 9.69E-08
W6OQI CA 7055817.12 -0.834 1.18E-07
W5UFZ AZ 7055817.05 -0.904 1.28E-07



Sort by best West Coast 40 meter reading ( 7065588.125 Hz )


K6OQK CA 7065588.13 0.005 7.08E-10
W3JW VA 7065588.007 -0.118 1.67E-08
K8JQ WV 7065588.25 0.125 1.77E-08
N8OB OH 7065588.252 0.127 1.80E-08
VE3OAT ON 7065588.383 0.258 3.65E-08
W1PW AZ 7065588.399 0.274 3.88E-08
K6YAZ CA 7065588.483 0.358 5.07E-08
W5UFZ AZ 7065588.66 0.535 7.57E-08
K5CM OK 7065588.692 0.567 8.02E-08
N5PWG TX 7065588.8 0.675 9.55E-08
WB0LXZ KS 7065588.85 0.725 1.03E-07
K6APW CA 7065588.9 0.775 1.10E-07
W0PHD MN 7065589.262 1.137 1.61E-07





K5CM OK Good signal tonight Marvin. Thanks for doing the WC run.
K6APW CA The 80M a few dB over S6 noise both 40M nice S7 to S9+ though WC had a few very deep dips.
K6OQK CA There was quite a bit of Doppler on all signals including Marv's. Your 40-meter signal was quite good but 80-Meters was weaker than normal. Tonight was one of chaos in my shack.  Thanks to you and Pam for great FMT's.
K6YAZ CA Poor conditions and problems with getting SL to start caused no readings on Connie; 40 meters quite spread out by Doppler.  Used marker on W6OQI and measured offset using delta frequency function. Good signal from him; but he isn't very far from me.
KM1P MA Went for 40M only this time - just like last night; but I found that I got better results trying to measure on the correct evening!  Signal was fine; but a central peak in the FFT was tough to discern.
N5PWG TX Thanks again for all that you are doing. I really enjoy the activity. All signals good tonight.
N8OB OH I got home at the last minute so equipment was not warmed up.   This is a very interesting way to measure.
VE2AZX QC Very strong on 40meters  about 58 on 80meters.  I recorded the dual tones; played them back and measured them separately with my counter and automated set-up. A 3 Hz filter is used to separate the tones.  Thanks for running these tests.  Jacques  VE2AZX
VE3OAT ON I briefly tried to measure the B-A beat note in AM mode but the poor low frequency response of my receiver seemed to prevent it.  I will play with  that some more.  The straight RF method always works though.  Doppler  shift was pretty stable around 250 Hz.  W6OQI's signal was weaker in the  se this time but I think I got a fair average reading.  Thanks again for a "fun run".
W1PW AZ No measurements yet on 2-tone.  Trying to figure a way by using "dual receive" function in the 756-ProII.
W3CSW MD Thanks again Connie Good signals but bad Doppler.
W3JW VA  Signal strength conditions were average to above average and QRN was less than in most recent tests. Doppler effects (as observed on the SL waterfall display) were significant but not as severe as during tests in the July time frame. Most results were obtained with SL.
W6OQI CA Connie; I was able to get Spectrum Lab running OK in the late afternoon.  I set the span for 60 Hz starting at the HP3586B I.F. and extending 60 Hz below.  During the 80 meter FMT I recorded the .wav file and analyzed it later using the SL Delta function to come up with a difference of -50.888 Hz.  Due to the conversion scheme of the HP3586B I had to add this to your A frequency to determine your B frequency.



See Burt's capture of the beat note of frequency A and B (Aug 15th run)


Listen to a short audio clip from VE2IQ audio/ABFAUG01-s.WAV

Listen to a short audio clip from KM1P audio/02AUG_K5CM_FMT_RX_KM1P_80M-s.wav

Listen to a short audio clip from K5CM of w6oqi  audio/w6oqi-july11-s.wav

Bill, W3CSW hit the nail on the head with his uncorrected reading. Burt (K6OQK), Jacques (VE2AZX), and Jeff (W3JW) turned in very close "corrected" readings.


Stations copying K5CM run to .1Hz or better uncorrected.



Stations copying K5CM run to .1Hz or better corrected.



Stations copying K5CM 40 meter run to .1Hz or better.



Stations copying W6OQI "West coast run" to .1Hz or better.






Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP-Z3801 GPS clocks a HP-3336B and a PTS-250. A small 10 db transistor amp follows and drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to the final amplifier, a Drake L4B at 300 watts output except on 30 meters where the power is 75 watts. There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the HP-Z3801.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the HP-Z3801 against WWVB.  


80 -  Cage Dipole (favors East, West, and North)

40 - Dipole (favors East, West)

30 - Dipole (favors East, North, West)

20, 17 -  4 element SteppIR in Bi Direction Mode (East/West)



Current W6OQI FMT transmitting equipment:

My transmitting setup consists of a HP Z3801 clocking a HP 3336B which drives a Johnson Viking I transmitter, the output of which is attenuated by a 6 dB attenuator, to then drive an Icom PW-1 amplifier to about 500 Watts. The antenna is an inverted Vee which favors north and south from the Los Angeles area. 



Note: Because I put the results up quickly, there will be mistakes, so don't hesitate to point them out quickly. 


Thanks to all that participated.




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