K5CM FMT April 29 2015

Must be with in +/- .5 Hz........ then sorted by best time to report.

K5CM TX -  14121017.37 Hz

call Section grid Freq 20 Time pdt comments
W6OQI LAX DM04vf 14121017.2 19:05:58
AA0CL MO EM48 14121017.5 19:05:58 Naked K3 calibrated to WWV @ 10MHz.  Only warmed up for a couple of hours.  Pretty noisy on 20m.
K5XL NTX EM12kp 14121017 19:05:59 Flex-1500 with GPSDO using Spectrum Lab
VE2IQ ON FN15nt 14121017.78 19:06:00
K9KK OK EM15 14121017.19 19:06:01
WA4FJC VA FM08lf 14121017.4 19:06:10 Tnx Connie 73 Gordon
KMZ KS EM28ix 14121017 19:06:11 Thanks, Connie.  This is a different way to have fun with FMT.  20 meter signal was between S3 and S7 with some line noise.
N2GL OR cn85kp 14121017.2 19:06:17
W3JW VA FM17tn 14121017.6 19:06:22
KK4KAZ NFL EL88ql 14121017.22 19:06:24
k2lyv WCF el88rb 14121017.44 19:07:03
w6bm EB zzzz 14121017.1 19:08:04
n5dm STX EL29fs 14121017.7 19:09:41
K3KO NC FM06 14121017.67 19:09:48




K5CM - 7063994.52 Hz   


call Section grid Freq 40 Time pdt comments
W5AJ WTX DM82va 7063994.2 19:35:17 40m attempt April 2015
K1GGI EMA FN41 7063994.28 19:35:20
K5XL NTX EM12kp 7063994.4 19:35:32 Flex-1500 with GPSDO using Spectrum Lab
W6OQI LAX DM04vf 7063994.4 19:35:35 On the 20 meter FMT I lost about 20 seconds because the 40 meter box was blank and the entry form requires a number in each box.  I quickly realized I had to put a zero in the 40 meter box and then I could make my submission for 20 meters.
AA0CL MO EM48 7063994.5 19:35:40 Booming signal on 40m in MO. 
KMZ KS EM28ix 7063995 19:35:53 Thanks again, Connie.  Lets see how 40 does after the short 20 meter run.  40 meter signals were very strong; about 40 over S9.  A little bit of QSB but mostly a very stable signal.  Lets do this again.  Thanks again.
N4AU AL EM62vp 703994.623 19:36:14
W3JW VA FM17tn 7063994.75 19:36:16
KG6HSQ SDG DM13 7063994.65 19:36:17
KD5MMM STX EL19ds 7063994.626 19:36:27 hope I was close, 73
N4AU AL EM62vp 7063994.623 19:36:54
WA6RZW CO DM79 7063994.801 19:37:01 Thanks for  running the test.
KU4PY AL EM62wj 7063994.171 19:37:17
N5DM STX EL29fs 7063994.7 19:38:01
W0HBK IA EN-42 7063994.5 19:38:06 Thanks again Connie.  Nice signals in Cedar Rapids.
K3KO NC FM06 7063994.468 19:39:12
w6bm EB zzzz 7063994.4 19:40:03









Transmitting equipment used by K5CM for this FMT:

A HP Z3801 GPS frequency source clocks a HP-3336B. The output is feed to a 10 db transistor amp which drives a 12BY7 / pair 6146. Then to a MLA-2500 running about 300 watts.  There are no mixers or any device in the chain of amplifiers that might impact the accuracy of the GPS frequency source.  As a reality check,  I periodically log the frequency source against WWV and other GPS referenced sources.  I monitor each transmission with a completely separate receive system to look for any instability or short term drift. 

I typically see considerably less than 1 mHz difference at 10 Mhz when comparing  two Z3801's or a Z3801 and a Thunderbolt, over a 10 to 10,000 second period. 



160 - Vertical

 80 - New Sloping dipole. Sloping down from 140'. (favors West, North, East)

 40 - Standard Dipole hanging between two 80 foot towers. (favors East, West)

 20 - 4el SteppIR at 70'












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